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What To Do When You’re Emotionally Drained

"Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend the first hour. Check your thoughts, attitude and heart."   I remember it well. It was the last month of 2013. Winter had just begun. My husband was still rehabilitating from an abscess in his brain...

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How Spirituality Guided Me And Saved My life

  “Spirituality isn’t ‘airy-fairy-stuff’. It’s the best tool to keep me grounded!”   Wow, if I have to be an advocate for anything it will be for Spirituality. I found this touch of compassion on my doorstep and its embrace was perfectly timed.   I was...

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How To Reduce Stress And Overcome Fear Fast

  "Stress is a negative thought, counter it with a positive thought and the balance is restored." - JJ van Zon Easier said than done, but you got to start somewhere right? Many, many, many people suddenly face a moment in life when they feel stuck. It's a very...

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Guided Meditation: Letting Go Of The Desired Outcome

  Wanting something really bad, praying for it, working hard for it, we're all guilty of it. The deadline is coming and the desired outcome is still far out of sight. That’s a perfect spot for frustration, worry, stress and any anxiety to rise to the surface. In...

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Guided Meditation: Filled With Pure Love

THIS GUIDED MEDITATION IS AWESOME! I say that because the light of love is soooo healing. When you bath in the light of love and you allow it to warm you as a blanket it will heal you. Your negativity will fade away. Your worries and your stress will have to move to...

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Guided Meditation: Still The Mind With “So Hum”

Welcome to this relaxing meditation. Today we're going to focus on a mantra. A mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Today we'll use the mantra "So Hum." What is Sanskrit for "I am that!" "That" refers to all of creation, the one...

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Guided Meditation: The Virtue Of Patience

In this meditation you learn how to use compassion as a compass, how to pause for a moment to look at the bigger picture and how to restrain yourself from doing something you'd regret latere. In this meditation you'll open up to a powerful tool called Patience. When...

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Blueprint On How To Start Embracing Your Free Spirit

I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.    – Princess Diana   So many of us are living a life that we’re not suppose to live. Completely logical with all the outside influences that keep distracting us from looking what’s...

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How To Relax – Basic Meditation

"Within you there's a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself."   - Herman Hesse   This short meditation will give you the space to let go of any stress or tention. It will put you with your feet on the ground. You'll learn...

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4 Ways To Get Unstuck – A Miracle Potion

“The complicated web from the outside world will slowly untangle, when you practise living from the inside out.”   I wasn’t planning on living a life being depressed, numbing myself with drugs so I didn’t have to process the emotions that I unconsciously didn’t...

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