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“We are always perfect, always beautiful, and ever changing. We are doing the best we can with the understanding, awareness and knowledge we have. As we gain more understanding, awareness and knowledge, then we will do things differently.” – Louise Hay

Spiritual Life & Business Coaching:

I offer coaching for anyone who’s fed up feeling stuck, lost or having any other discontent with life.

I believe you’re fabulous and with a positive thought pattern you can achieve anything you’re heart desires.

It’s vital that you’re willing and determined to take steps. I’ll coach you to achieve your goals. You’re doing the work and I’ll be your guide.

In my sessions you’re going to peel the layers that have made a wall around you that keep you stuck. We’re going to discover the source that is called Self and make you flow with authenticity.

I work with the body, mind and spirit for I believe these are the portals to create your best awareness. And the moment you create understanding, that’s the moment you’re ready to shine and live the life you deserve.


Through my coaching you’ll learn to:

  • Discover your Uniqueness
  • Increase your Self-belief
  • Decrease your Stress
  • Take back your Power
  • Connect with Self
  • Create Awareness of Positive and Negative Influences
  • Let go of the past
  • Live in the present
  • Change your negative thought patterns
  • Make authentic decisions
  • Be adventurous
  • Follow your Life Purpose
  • Be Fabulous
  • Live an Awesome Life


Pricing Online coaching:

Intake                                               68 euro

By the hour                                     120 euro

Half a day                                       300 euro

Full day                                           600 euro

1Month Discovery (Gentle)             599 euro (6 sessions)

2Months Discovery (Gentle)           945 euro (12 sessions)

1Week Shine (Intense)                   599 euro (6 sessions)

1Month Shine (Intense)                  945 euro (12 sessions)

  • All prices include VAT (btw)
  • All session can vary between 30 – 60 minutes
  • All sessions are online – for live session email me at


Spiritual Teacher for your Events:

How awesome is it when you can offer a spiritual practice entirely fitted to your event? I offer personalized spiritual programs and sessions that compliment your workshops, retreats, online programs or other events. Think of a morning ritual at your retreat, an energizer complimenting your workshop or a meditation to go with your online course. For digital and for live service you can connect with me here


Workshop Speaker:

Any topic related to body, mind & soul could be beneficial to a workshop or other event you’re hosting. I offer active and fun lectures and workshops to compliment your event. For more info connect with me here


Personal Yoga Teacher:

By the hour                         100 euro

Personal Meditation Teacher:

By the hour                         100 euro

Angel Oracle Card Reader:

40 minute Multiple Card Reading via email or Skype        74 euro


Questions regarding services mail me at


JJ is a soul energy. He brings with him such a nurturing, caring and supporting energy. His meditations and yoga-exercises every morning have been enlightening and uplifting and certainly helped me to settle the energy, focus for the day and create the right atmosphere to learn.”

Lesley Ramsden Callow

Life Coach, E2 Life Coaching

You give so much of yourself and I truly believe when your hands are open from giving, you’re open to receive. And you just portray that the whole time ”

Renate Jute

Finance Coach, Noble Heart

“His warm and theatrical, teaching style, instills clarity and the confidence to overcome any limiting beliefs that hold you back. And he’ll show you strategies to creating that magnetic energy that manifests abundance.”

Carl Brooks

Business Mentor,

“I love this meditation JJ….great start to my day. Thank you!”

Yolande Olhaus Sluiter

Personal Coach, Premier Life Coaching

About JJ

My name is JJ van Zon. I’m born and raised in The Netherlands and I’m an international spiritual coach, a yoga & meditation teacher, an energy healer and I do card readings. I’m an expert on authentic decision-making balancing living from the inside out with the demanding pull of the outside world. With 20 years experience as a professional dancer and as a yoga & meditation mentor, I’m a cutting-edge leader in body, mind & soul awareness.

I know all about following your passion. I wanted to be a professional dancer. Through my entire childhood and teens my dream and I were not supported by my family. Neither did everyone in the village where I grew up. Giving up on my dream was not an option. I trusted my talent. I made it “through the wildernis” of intolerance and misunderstanding, followed my passion and landed a spot at the popular Amsterdam Dance Academy of Lucia Marthas, resulting in a successful dance career working with many celebrities and big companies. I truly lived my purpose.

After 15 years when my purpose was fulfilled, I decided it was time for the next step. Not knowing what that next step was, I started to work unfulfilling jobs and developed an unbalanced creativity. Instead of processing my feelings I connected blame, guilt, anger and sadness with darkness, resulting in a downward spiral of depression and addiction. “What am I to do with the rest of my life? Why did this happen to me? Where did it go wrong?” After years of struggle I finally found the courage to seek professional support and I shared my double life to my friends and family.

At this stage I found the gift of yoga, meditation and prayer what helped me grew my self-belief. This is the spot where I turned my life around. After studying my behaviour I left my victim coat on the hanger and created a close bond with my spirit, that resulted in a deeper sense of compassion, acceptance and love. My path to self-realisation opened the doors to unlimited potential, flowing through familiar inspiration and creating understanding of self, evolving in meeting the love of my life.

After Carl, my husband survived an almost fatal illness I couldn’t ignore the calling. I traveled to India and was taught by the best teachers. Back on the right path I promised to live an exciting, adventures life doing awesome things I love and making a difference in the world at the same time. My purpose to be connected to my spirit provides me the freedom to live outside the status quo. I feel all of the fears, but I do it anyway. It’s sometimes hard work to keep or re-find the balance, but I won’t be caged by protocol. I found my uniqueness and I’ll shine like a big star with it.

I believe that everyone has a purpose or maybe (like me) even more than one. Embracing your uniqueness will align you with your purpose. It’ll give clarity to what you need to do. You’ll create a strong self-belief where stress and other uncertainty has no influence on your decisions. With a positive authentic mind you can manifest all your dreams. 


For support you can contact JJ at


Together with my husband, Business Coach Carl Brooks I organise the successful Wealthy Coach Retreat in Tuscany and South Africa. This is for (upcoming) coaches who want to get unstuck and change their lives doing something they love, serving the world with their unique gifts.

My company – Today I Start – is founded in 2016 and is a platform for anyone who needs support in the struggles mentioned above.

My mission is to create awareness to as many people as possible, so everyone will make more authentic decisions and everyone will live more in peace with him or herself.

My way with people is described as caring, loving, fun and organised. Creating awareness and understanding of your own story will motivate you to take the steps you need to finally change your life and connect with the divine in you.

Because you are Awesome!


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