“Change comes from within!” As you embark on a journey where authenticity is the goal, you’ll need to step up and become the example. Taking responsibility and owning your story will enhance your relationships deeply. The influence of fear will fade away and you’ll get a clear view of the beauty of life that is based on love.


The #1 Secret How To Implement A New Habit Successfully

The #1 Secret How To Implement A New Habit Successfully   The secret of implementing a new habit in your life is repetition or practice during a rehearsal period! As a professional dancer I couldn’t go on stage before I knew the choreography. If I was...

Stop Worry and Insecurity With Lion Breath

I know life sometimes feels serious and heavy. No one said it was going to be easy, but when your life always feels heavy it’s time to restore the balance.   When you’re surrounded by worry and insecurity you’re used to live on a low vibration. And on this low...

How To Build Confidence And Self-Esteem

How To Build Confidence And Self-Esteem   “Believing that you’re enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic” – Brené Brown   Right before I found the crutches to climb out of depression my self-esteem was as low as it could get. I was very insecure...

Three Steps On How To Be Fully Present

“All your troubles can be dealt with, when you know how to be fully present.”   We all have our baggage that we carry with us. Stuff of the past, worries about the future! And even though this isn’t a bad thing, because it’s part of our journey, I believe...

Learn How To Trust Yourself And Overcome Insecurity

  “Once trust is earned you feel the value of being compassionate to Self.”   At one state in my life I was a mess. Always looking around for other people’s recognition, hoping to get validation that I was worthy. That I was someone! That I mattered!...

How To Find Your Authentic Self? Step 1 – Create Awareness

“Be authentic. Be yourself. Be genuine. Be real. Be who you really are.”   When I first tried to figure out what authenticity meant, these quotes made me want to throw up. Hollow sayings aren’t helpful at all when you’re just starting your path of...

4 Ways To Get Unstuck – A Miracle Potion

“The complicated web from the outside world will slowly untangle, when you practise living from the inside out.” I wasn’t planning on living a life being depressed, numbing myself with drugs so I didn’t have to process the emotions that I unconsciously didn’t want to...

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