Me-Time Day With JJ

Treat Yourself with Peace & Power

I’m organising a “Me-time Day with JJ” on Sunday the 9th of June from 10am – 4pm at a beautiful venue, de-ruimte in Amstelveen near the Amstel. I would love to give you some information about this day so you can decide if you want to be part of it.
This day will be focused on YOU!
I’ve noticed that in my own life and that of my students/clients to create inner peace & unite with their authentic power can be a challenge, however I can assure you that when you’ve accomplished even just a glance of inner peace, you will never forget it.
Just like with meditation you will bring a piece of calmness back to enrich your ‘hectic’ life.
I first experienced this at an ashram in India. Never had I been so close to my Self. And even if I now endure heavy stress, I only have to close my eyes and I’m back at that moment in India. This moment I want to share with you on the 9th of June.

Expect tools that will shut out

external distractions.

There will be no distractions.

There even won’t be any problem.

You can embrace & let go!

Expect not much conversation. This day is internal. You are totally focused on what happens on your yoga mat. You don’t need to solve or process anything. Does anything come up, just let it happen, but the approach is enjoying a time to just be. And to enjoy this moment!
And this location in the midst of nature has all the yoga props you need to make it as comfortable for you as possible. Blankets, cushions, blocks….everything is present.

This Is The Program:

It’s a select group of beautiful souls & after the welcome we’ll start a yin-yang yoga class around 10:15.
This class contains meditation, breathing exercises, yin & hatha yoga. For 2 hours you don’t have to speak, only experience. The only thing you’ll hear is the guidance of my voice, the birds outside and maybe a cow. 😉
Around 12:30 we’re going to enjoy a light lunch together. Hopefully the sun shines so we can do this outside on the grass.
At 13:30 the afternoon program starts.
I start with something amazing. My first dutch book “The Power Of Me-Time” will be out the start of this summer. I’m so excited about this. That first 30 minutes after lunch I’m going to share the 8 steps towards inner peace & authentic life.
Around 2pm you will enjoy a yin/restorative yoga class, followed by a yoga Nidra focused on letting go tension.
We end the day with an exercise of the heart that will provoke strength & confidence.

At the end of this day

you will feel refreshed,

recharged and empowered. 

So the question to you is are you available on the 9th of June and do you want to participate?
The cost of the workshops, classes, & lunch are €97.
When you have questions or you want to join, simply send me an e-mail to Any friends of yours are welcome. I have a couple of spots left, so I advise you not to wait too long with your answer.
I can’t wait to hear from you and hopefully share this magical day with you.
Namasté JJ


ps. email me at to secure your spot 

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