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I Make Meditation Fun & Easy

Stress grows in our head and affects our lives. The cause of this negative tension is a mind-voice convincing us that we are not worthy & not good enough. It makes us feel superior or inferior to others. The mind-voice manipulates us and it makes us unhappy & unhealthy.

After I said goodbye to my full-time career as a professional dancer I lost my identity. This was exactly the right cocktail for my mind-voice to swoop in and convince me I was weak, stupid and it was all my fault. Believing these thoughts it drove me away from my truth and I lost my confidence. It drove me into addiction and depression.

After years I got so desperate that I started to pray for healing. “Please show me what to do and I will do it.” Months later I got my answer; “Meditate.”

Meditation made me aware that my thoughts are not me.

I created my own daily me-time moment ritual and I healed myself with lot’s of devotion. My dark thoughts became not so dominant anymore. I was introduced to my heart-voice filled with love, truth and compassion.

The heart saved me. I understand that my mind is not the right leader for me. My mind is designed to work for me and not the other way around. Since I trust my heart I’m more confident and resilient. I’m able to let go of control and feel more in control. I’m less stressed and with my mediation practice I feel I have gained more time to spend feeling good. I feel strong and I believe that I am entitled to a happy life.

Meditation is not a thing on its own. It’s a stepping stone towards a happy & healthy you. It’s not airy-fairy it’s practical. And everyone can do it.

It all started with that loving heart-voice that told me to meditate. So I choose to trust it and I meditate everyday. Click the pink button below and receive my FREE MEDITATION CHALLENGE that will introduce you to meditation. It will help you focus and become aware of the moment what will give you inner peace & authentic power.

How Can I help You?

As a certified yoga & mediation teacher I’ve been introducing meditation to hundreds of students. My approach is unique but accessible to everyone who’s in need of confidence and positivity. I’ve worked with clients who suffered from addiction, depression, anxiety, burn-out, illness, work- and relationship stress, jealousy or another dominant emotion.

I offer online mediation albums with unique mediations that I create for the purpose of self-healing, self-love and empowerment.

I also offer mediation trainings and coaching. When interested email me at hello@jjvanzon.com or call me at 0031 631797931

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