Meet JJ

Stress- Burnout & Life Coach,
Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Trainer,
Author & Love Activist

Meet JJ

Author, International Speaker,
Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher,
& Love Ambassador

JJ van Zon is an expert on authentic decision-making shifting the influence of fear into the power of love. With 20 years experience as a professional dancer, as a coach and as a yoga & meditation mentor, he’s a cutting-edge leader in body, mind & soul awareness.

JJ is the creator of unique meditations that are highly received by anyone who’s in need for more connection and prosperity in life. He speaks and organises workshops where the importance of a daily practice, or ME-time is highly praised.

As a certified hatha yoga teacher JJ balances the body movements with a positive mindset. His warm and theatrical, teaching style, instils clarity and the confidence to overcome any limiting beliefs that hold you back.

In his spiritual coaching he’ll show you the tools how to create that magnetic energy that will provide you the things you need to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

JJ is the co-founder of the Wealthy Coach Retreat, where he together with Business Coach, Carl Brooks teaches starting coaches how to set up their coaching careers with their unique gifts. This successful retreat has been organised in Tuscany, Italy, Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. More businesses from the heart will provide a happier and healthier world.

JJ’s also a popular guest speaker and/or teacher at retreats in England, the Netherlands and South Africa.

Love Ambassador JJ believes that when we choose love over fear, we are aligned with our spirit. And when we choose from the heart, we are less affected by distractions and we can enjoy a happy and healthy life.

JJ is the author of the Dutch book; de kracht van me-time (English; The Power of Me-time).

” JJ is the perfect coach for me. Compassionate, loving, inspiring, and -not unimportant- hilarious to work with. I have really learned to focus more on the positive things of live, especially in the most hopeless situations. I have not only achieved my goal (to sleep better) but also feel more relaxed and confident about all kinds of situations. “

Suzan Prins – human resources

” What a blessing you are! When I found myself in an unexpected emotional dip towards the end of 2017, I turned to you for guidance and support and this you gave as always with all your heart, which was a powerful component in my healing process. JJ, you have a true talent to share with the world. I can’t wait to keep learning from you as I continue to meander my way on my spiritual and mindfulness journey, I am so grateful our paths have crossed. Much love.”

Yolande Olhaus-Sluiter – Life & Personal Development Coach

” You have been a wonderful catalyst for this beautiful change, taking place in my life… and for that, I will always be so incredibly grateful. It’s been an exciting week of sharing with friends the things I’m learning on this journey… and I truly feel the freedom of my emancipation… it’s wonderful! “

Charm Laubscher – Teacher

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