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My name is JJ van Zon, I’m a former professional dancer who turned yoga & meditation teacher, coach and author.
I’m a happily married Dutch (so sorry for any grammar mistakes) gay man living in Amsterdam, but I try my best to see myself and others without labels. I’m a citizen of the planet, living by the rules of the divine.


What is meditation?

Meditation has many different streams, but if you really want to learn the basis of meditation it’ll be expanding your awareness by practicing your focus.

During meditation you create a focus point. This could be your breath, the tip of your nose, a mantra, or else. You concentrate on this point and when you’re aware that you’re distracted, you focus back on this point. (that’s it … keep it simple)

The more you practice this, the more you’ll be aware of when you’re distracted. And that awareness will bring you more focus, growth, self-love & empowerment.

Meditation is a win for everyone. And everyone can do it.


Meditate with JJ

Meditation has enriched my life immensely. It is proven to be the easiest tool with the fastest results. I can honestly say that meditation gave me the confidence to change.

But with my uniqueness, stubbornness and the desire to create, I crafted my own way of meditating. And exactly this is what you will experience in the upcoming 10 days of this challenge.

Not only will you meditate for focus and awareness, you’ll also get a whole lot of reminders why you’re beautiful, life is wonderful and that you have access to a heart full of superpowers.



This is what you can expect:

I respect your inbox so I will not send you a daily reminder.
When you’re in need of one… set daily reminders on your phone or use sticky notes.
I will however check up on you in a couple of days.

After you get access to the challenge you are free to go through the days at whatever pace that works for you, but try to remember that consistency will give you the best results.

For moral support & to share experiences I created a group on Facebook called Today I Start. It’s for like-minded-souls like you. You can sign up for the group by clicking here.


How to get access to the challenge?

1. Click on the pink button.
2. You’ll be forwarded to a web-page.
3. Use the password: freemeditations to get access
4. Start meditating.

Remember that you are the boss. Your mind is working for you and not the other way around. Meditation will empower you to tame your mind-voice. You just need to sit and experience it for yourself.
Start meditating now!


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