Hey beautiful,

I’m JJ & in this video I’m going to talk about the super powers that guide you to inner peace & will help you sleep better.

I’ll explain where these super powers ignite, what they are and how to connect with them.

I end the video with a simple 7-day challenge.


7-Day Challenge

Take one moment each day where you focus on what’s happening inside of you! Fully embrace yourself!Try to distance yourself from the outside. Intentionally disregard distractions from the outside.

That’s it! One moment a day! Just YOU!

When it helps you can place one or two hands on your heart! Allow your super powers; compassion, forgiveness & kindness to take over. You can mentally repeat affirmations like: “I choose love. I allow my super powers to guide me. I let love guide me.”

When you do this each day for 7-days you’ll be restoring the balance within you. Your overheated mind will calm down & you’ll give a strong signal of appreciation to your heart/body/spirit what will contribute to inner peace and better sleep.

Curious about Meditation?

When you’re interested in knowing more about meditation & how it can help you sleep better hit the pink button below and you’ll be forwarded to one of my blog posts where I’ll explain everything you need to know to start a practice….

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