“Understanding meditation is only possible when you practice meditation.”


Why Would You Want To Meditate?

My meditation practice is essential to my well-being. When I don’t practice meditation my ‘awareness of everything’ fades away and I drift further away from Self.

Every time when the question “Why do I meditate?” pops up it always provokes a lot of thoughts in my mind. (see the irony)

I would love to come up with the perfect way to describe meditation to do it justice. The results of meditation have been so widespread through all parts of my life, that it’s hard to put them in words, but ….. I will do my best. 😉


The results of

the gift that’s meditation

have been so widespread

through all parts

of my life


The reasons I commit to a daily meditation practice are:

  • To connect with my authenticity
  • To be comfortable in my own skin
  • To relax my mind
  • To allow myself to be
  • To protect myself from negative energies
  • To become fully present
  • To practice acceptance and forgiveness
  • To be compassionate and tolerant
  • To practice letting go and surrender to what is
  • To create awareness of love and fear
  • To choose differently (love instead of fear)
  • To align my body, mind, and spirit
  • To be patient


Meditation will

give you awareness,

presence & connection.


  • To be the light, example or a light-worker
  • To stay responsible for my own energy
  • To observe my behaviour
  • To be resilient
  • To be in charge of my thoughts and emotions
  • To feel confident and courageous
  • To attract positivity
  • To feel free and connected to my purpose
  • To smile throughout the day
  • To understand that I can achieve anything my heart desires
  • To become the highest person I can be daily


Meditation keeps me sane.

It’s the most practical

tool I know.


I do know that most people in this day and age are most responsive to the negative, so if this is you I have written my reasons from a different perspective…..

What do I avoid as I meditate daily?

I avoid:

  • Feeling like a victim
  • Being manipulated by fear
  • Feeling overwhelmed by stress, worry or anxiety
  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Feeling like I lost myself
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Becoming depressed
  • Numbing myself
  • Becoming addictive to something
  • Feeling angry, irritated and frustrated.
  • Complaining a lot
  • Feeling troubled and restless
  • Feeling stupid
  • Feeling insecure and doubtful
  • Feeling resentment, regret or any other negative emotion
  • Living on a low frequency
  • Attracting negativity

I actually don’t want to go on with this list. I’d rather focus my entire being on the positive side of life. And that’s basically what it’s all about.


Meditation isn’t ‘airy fairy’,

that’s just what your Ego

wants you to believe

so you’ll quit


I need to meditate otherwise I’ll become an easy target for negative influences around me. I meditate to stay sane, because when I’m influenced I’ll probably will react from a fearful place, creating conflict within me. I don’t want conflict. There’s enough suffering in the world, and I don’t want to be responsible for my part. I want to be responsible for contributing to the Love-side of the world.

What part do you want to be responsible for?

So I meditate because I don’t want my automatic pilot to decide for me. I’m in charge of my behaviour and I don’t want to be manipulated by ego and fear. I’ve come to realise that without a meditation practice it’s hard to react from an authentic place, and that’s just a no-go for me.

I meditate because I stay in control of my mind. For so many years my chatterbox was in charge, but I ain’t having that no more. I’m driving the car! I’m in control. The mind works for me and not the other way around. I’ve come to terms that ego with its fear is always on the backseat. I can’t make it disappear, but I can turn its volume down, by keeping a daily meditation practice.


Meditation provides me

the space to step back

from my thoughts

& choose differently.

That creates power & peace!


I also like to be aware of the tension in my body. Due to my daily meditation practice any unhealthy and therefor unnecessary tension won’t get a chance to get comfortable somewhere in my body and start any blockages that results in suffering. My willingness to stay in a place where all energies flow freely through my body, is one of the big reasons why I meditate.

I need to keep my practice up to stay comfortable in my own skin. I want to be good and I want to be responsible for sending out only positive energy. I don’t want negative energies to get a hold of me, because when they do I am more reluctant to react from ego, instead of aligning my actions with my authenticity, making me vulnerable to regret and other negative emotions, what are magnets for fear. I decide to choose love, so therefor I need to put the effort in to stay focused. A couple of minutes a day provide me that space.

When you are intrigued by my story & curious about meditation, I’ve created a meditation album that hits the mark on every aspect when you want to start a practice.


This meditation album: Meditation Techniques for Beginners is waiting for you in my shop. When you feel ready to take back control of your life, this Meditation Album is for you. Click here to purchase.

Meditation is truly the easiest way with the fastest results to gain back control of your life. Meditation will give you awareness, presence and connection. Meditation will let your unique & authentic light shine as it’s supposed to.


Meditation is truly

the easiest way

with the fastest results

to gain back control

of your life.


Check out all the advantages meditation can have on your life again, and hit the link to the meditation album. It’ll be worth your while, I can promise you that.

I’m so excited to tell you that the first week of February I’ll be following another Meditation Teacher Training. I can’t wait to share with you what I learned & hopefully inspire you to shine your light unapologetically. Meditation Rocks!

Ps. Yes! I want to try out meditation and it’s amazing affect on my life.

Pps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text, understanding meditation. Thank you!

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