Return To Love
One Day Yoga Retreat

24 March 2018





I met my amazing friend and personal life coach Yolande Olhaus-Sluiter when she chose to join the Wealthy Coach Retreat that My husband Carl Brooks and myself organise in Tuscany. She showed everyone a picture of a beautiful place near Cape Town where she wanted to start a Bed&Breakfast and where she could also organise workshops, retreats and other events.

I’m so proud of her realising her dream in less then two years time. And of course the entrepreneurs that we are, Yolande and I immediately needed to take use of this beautiful environment, so we decided to host a one day yoga retreat for everyone who’s in need for some well-deserved me-time. We decided to call it, Return to Love, because that’s what we both wanted to provide. A day where you could feel safe to talk, share, experience life through the lens of love.

YOLANDE: After the morning workshop we were given a powerful message by JJ through his meditation, his gentle and warm voice took us all on our own individual journey exactly to where we needed to be at that point in time. You have a true gift JJ and I thank you for sharing it so authentically and lovingly with us on Saturday.

After a scrumptious vegetarian lunch we set off exploring our creative side by building a Vision Board based on our new and clear vision coming from our Empowering Beliefs that we briefly touched on in the morning workshop. This was such fun and I was in awe of how you all painted a picture of authenticity through the use of magazine cuttings. Powerful work that I know will stand you in good stead on your new found path of growth and change.

Our journey over the bridge was an impromptu exercise that I asked JJ to bring in after Charm mentioned having had such a powerful experience from it during her previous workshop with JJ. This is where Charm and I actually met and I do wholeheartedly concur with her that it was an incredibly life changing exercise for me as well. I can still feel that heavy feeling I experienced when I was asked if I wanted to step back into the past and how wonderful and light and excited I felt at the prospect of who I am today and the vision I have for the future.

Then it was sadly already time for our last yoga experience of the day, it was warm, easy, gentle and nurturing allowing us the space to be exactly who we needed to be at that moment. JJ gave us a lot of food for thought and I know that he has awakened an interest in you to explore yoga and meditation further.
JJ has a YouTube channel where you can listen to his wonderful meditations and even watch and try out one of his yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home

After some bubbles and snacks it was time to say Au Revoir till next time. Thank you ladies for your input, for your positive energy and love and for so warmly supporting me and encouraging me on my journey in my new home in Noordhoek. I hope to see you again at our next retreat, which will definitely be a full weekend one, with lots more spoils and wonderful surprises.

And last but not least if you are keen on a FREE exploratory Coaching session to strengthen your new found Empowering Beliefs please let me know and we can schedule a time to get together. “Alone we are one drop, together we are an ocean!”

With love and gratitude,
Yolande (and JJ)

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