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Me-Time Coaching with JJ van Zon

Are you tired? Is it time to gain back control and start living the awesome, fun and fulfilled life you are supposed to? The Power of You – Awake unlimited power within and create success in your life and in your business by creating awareness of your beautiful soul and the influences of the ego. Start living from the inside out and enjoy a happy fulfilled life. To believe in yourself, to commit to your dreams and to take action, takes confidence and courage. All character traits we admire in our heroes and heroines. When body, mind and spirit are aligned you have opened the portal to unlimited power. Awareness of behaviour will put space between what's important to you and to your ego. This way you'll make authentic decisions in life and business. You learn how to shake off thinking small and start thinking and acting as a fierce leader, who designs his/her life proactively. You'll be less worried about what people think of you, what society wants you to do and you'll find meaning in a purposeful and passionate life. Your awareness of Self will expand to a higher frequency and you experience JOY as never before. We are not most afraid of what we can’t do. We are most afraid of what is possible. The world needs examples. Are you one of them? Join us today, because when you'll start today, you'll be closer to the result tomorrow. Supporting your success, JJ van Zon
Me-Time Coaching with JJ van Zon
Me-Time Coaching with JJ van Zon3 days ago

I'm not my mind.
It tries to convince me that I am.
But I am not.

Sometimes the mind succeeds.
Sometimes I get lost or overwhelmed.
Sometimes I feel stuck or depressed.

But the frustration, low self-esteem, anger and impatience are just proof that my mind is incapabel of leading.

When I'm aware of this funk, I get out of my overheated mind and return back into my precious body.

I become present and centred.

I practice this with the power of me-time.

When you practice daily to have a me-time moment, you'll develop trust, self-insight, stamina, inner peace and power. You'll let yourself be led by your immaculate heart and create a union with something bigger than you.

That universal source that connects us all.

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Me-Time Coaching with JJ van Zon
Me-Time Coaching with JJ van Zon1 week ago
In this moment give yourself permission to feel good. Give yourself permission to let go of the drama. Give yourself permission to release the blocks. Give yourself permission... ❤️🌈🤸🏽‍♀️🕺🏼🙏⭐️

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