How To Balance Chakras – Introduction of the 7 Chakras


“Chakras are energy-awareness centres. They are the revolving doors of creativity & communication between Spirit & the World.”

– Michael J. Tamura


How to balance chakras wasn’t a skill on my wish list at the beginning of my spiritual journey. When I first heard about Chakras I wasn’t fond of them at all. Merely because I wasn’t ready to be introduced. At the time I found the chakras to spiritual. I couldn’t reach them. It was still a step too far.

A couple of years further on my spiritual path I was in India learning to become a yoga and meditation teacher. The Indian masters taught me about the chakras. And because I was secluded from any distractions I had time to connect with ME. That’s why the Ashram in India is still the place where I’d been the closest to my Self.


I’ve never been as close to me as in the Ashram in India


I can honestly say that I experienced amazingness there during my yoga & mediation classes. Especially at the end of each yoga class (two 3 hour yoga classes a day for two months) during Yoga Nidra I saw with my universal sight colours that represented each there own energies. It’s hard to put my experience in words. I don’t think I need to, because the meaning would become lost with words.

The only thing I can truly tell you is that I was blown away by this amazingness. I felt the energy and I saw the colours. I know they exists! I know it’s real!

There has been written much about the chakras. I learned a lot from Anodea Judith and if you want to read her books check her out here.


I saw with my universal sight

colours that represented

each their own energies


So in this blog post you’ll get the basic answer to the following questions:

  1. what are chakras?
  2. How to balance chakras?
  3. How to heal chakras?
  4. What can YOU do to balance your chakras?


What Is A Chakra?


A chakra is a spot where two or more nadis (or meridians) cross each other. A nadi is a stream of energy. You can compare it with your bloodstream. And because streams of energy come together the chakras are referred to as the energy wheels or energy portals.


When your energy flows

you feel energised, aligned and connected.

You’re on top of your game.

When a chakra is blocked,

that part of your body

is out of balance,

resulting in you being out of balance.


We have 7 major chakras in our body that in Yoga & Meditation we use the most. These 7 major chakras are situation at our spine. The first chakra is based at the root of your spine and the 7th chakra is based at the crown of your head.

I’m going to address these 7 chakras and their superpowers or character traits.

Let’s start with the base of our spine where our first chakra is.


Mooladhara Chakra – Root Chakra


A tree has roots twice as long underneath the surface giving it the solid foundation it needs, and at the same time giving it the strength it needs to survive any storm. A tree is grounded! It’s connected to the earth! It feels safe, it protects, and it belongs.

Colour = Dark red

Lotus with four petals

Represents: Grounding, stability, protection, safety, solid foundation, belonging, self-worth, birth-right

JJ story of not belonging

My parents lost a son. His name was André. When he was 7 he got run over by a car and died in my dad’s arms. When my parents were pregnant with me, they were still in mourning. They never talked about André, it simply was too painful, therefore I turned him into a saint. I always felt like a replacement, like if André was still alive I wouldn’t be here, and because I was labeled this weird kid who wanted to dance & sing. I didn’t fit in. So I made up my own idea that my parents actually preferred him over me.

When I was 35 and I got professional help to sort me out, this childhood event was what the counsellor was focusing on. It was my birth-right to belong here!


The moment when I realised

I belonged was the moment

I felt a connection with this life.

I anchored my root chakra and

it unblocked so the energy

could go upwards and

start healing the rest of me.


So If you have trouble with anxiety, you don’t like discipline or you have a constant need of change, trouble keeping up healthy relationships, or you like to live in a fantasy world and you’re out of touch with your body, you might want to check your Mooladhara Chakra.

What can YOU do to balance Mooladhara Chakra?

  • Meditate especially with belonging in mind, do a tree meditation.
  • Affirm: I’m right where I’m suppose to be, or the energy of the earth nurtures me, I’m safe, My body supports me.
  • Take mindful walks through nature and connect.
  • Yoga poses: standing poses, or child pose, downward facing dog.

Now I want you to answer the following two questions: What is it you suffer from & what can YOU do to heal your root chakra?


Swadhisthana Chakra – Sacral Chakra


(Related to the first and second sacral vertebrae)

Water can be still, flowing or wildly dangerous. Our emotions are the same!


Practice comes from (s)he

who can find balance in

however the water streams.


Colour = Orange

Lotus with 6 Petals

Element is water, self satisfaction, pleasures, creativity, fulfilment, emotions…


Swadhisthana chakra is about keeping balance


So if you are emotional numb, unbalanced, too sensitive or too strict, you’re easily manipulated, without initiative, you’re afraid of change, and your body feels stiff and tensed, the sacral chakra is something to look into.

What can YOU do to balance the Sacral Chakra?

  • Meditate about water, a stream or the ocean. Still water, flowing or stormy. Flowing with the waves. Accept the flow of the water.
  • Affirm: I welcome positive change in my life, I flow with the energy, I accept my life completely, and I’m in balance.
  • Yoga: Sitting Forward Bends or Squats

What is it you suffer from & what can YOU do to heal it?


Manipura Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra


There’s a fire in you that burns forever. Unfortunately all kinds of layers will create distance between you and the core of who you are. Your job is to work through the layers, remember who you are and create a pure connection with your flame.

Colour = Yellow

Lotus with ten pedals

The Element is fire

it represents inner power,

true identity, passion

and your souls purpose


If you’re feeling overly angry, annoyed, frustrated, you’re overly selfish, or you feel like a victimised, powerless, lack of commitment or devotion, lack passion or purpose, or you have issues with your digestive system, Manipura Chakra might be blocked.

What can YOU do to balance Manipura Chakra?

  • Meditate on your true identity. Uncover the layers to your core.
  • Affirm: I stand in my power, I can do anything my heart desires, I take full responsibility for my life, I’m confident, I’m courageous.
  • Yoga: Breath of fire, and twists of the spine.

What is it you suffer from & what can YOU do to heal it?


Anahata Chakra – Heart Chakra


Focus on your heart, invite love in and let love guide you. You’ll develop trust, compassion, forgiveness, and confidence. Your light will become a beacon for you and others. You’ll be a light worker!

Colour = green

Lotus with 12 pedals


You’re able to forgive, to be vulnerable & strong, to express from the heart, to be empathic, compassionate & kind. Fully connected to the source of your being, LOVE


I forgive

I feel love, I am love

I choose love


If you hold a grudge, unfinished business, you’re bitter, sad, overly negative, selfish, afraid to be hurt, if you believe “vulnerability is for the weak”, when you fall easily in and out of love, when any of your relationships don’t last long, falling for the wrong guy, if  you have trouble connecting, opening up to love than you need to work on your heart chakra.

What can YOU do to balance Anahata Chakra?

  • Meditate on love & compassion, use gratitude
  • Affirm: I forgive myself – him/her or that situation, I am love, I am kind, My heart is filled with love, I choose love, I can do anything my heart desires.
  • Yoga: pranayama (breathing exercises), heart openers

What is it you suffer from & what can YOU do to heal it?


Vishudha Chakra – Throat Chakra


Tolerance is what will create peace within you and therefore in the world. The rainbow flag is my symbol to always remember that an opinion should not interfere with anybody’s light.

Colour = Blue

Lotus 16 pedals

This chakra is about expression, communication, speaking from the heart, speaking the truth without harming,


Tolerance is what will

create peace within you

and therefore in the world.

The rainbow flag is my symbol

to always remember that

an opinion should not interfere

with anybody’s light.


If you’re not standing by your truth, if you’re playing a role, unconnected with your core, you feel you lost yourself, you’re stuck in a role, when you’re not clear on your values, communicating in a way that’s not truthful, gossiping, loosing your voice, hurtful throat or trouble breathing, you might concentrate on your throat chakra.

What can YOU do to balance Vishudha Chakra?

  • Meditate on speaking the truth without harming
  • Affirm: I express who I am without harming anyone. I am allowed to be me. This is me! I communicate very well. I feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Yoga: Lion breath, shoulder stand, bridge pose, neck and shoulder exercises


“This is a vulnerable place, because the throat chakra is where the inside comes out. If we learned it wasn’t safe to share our deep interior self, that we might be ridiculed, misunderstood, ignored, dis­believed, or punished in any way for sharing our truth, then we shut down our throat chakra. There may have been a good reason at the time, but later we have trouble opening it up again.”

– Anodea Judith


What is it you suffer from & what can YOU do to heal it?

Anja Chakra – Third Eye Chakra


You have two choices: You can choose to walk through the world with limits or you choose to walk through a world with opportunities. You can complain or you can thrive. You can feel caged or you can feel free. Focus on Anja Chakra and establish the courage to open the door where failures become lessons and your limiting behaviour becomes a zest for life. 

Colour = Violet

Lotus 2 pedals

Connect with your intuition, open up to the land of imagination where only opportunities live, see opportunities instead of limitations, psychic abilities


You have two choices:

You can choose to walk

through the world with limits

or you choose to walk

through a world with opportunities.


If you don’t trust yourself or others, you suffer from headaches, nightmares or you have trouble with your eyesight, you forget things, you lack imagination, or inspiration, you lack concentration, focus, you feel very limited, you’re afraid to embark on new adventures, you analyse everything, you’re very smart but lack empathy, you’re not in touch with your inner child, very judgmental, the third eye chakra could be your way to healing.

What can YOU do to balance Ajna Chakra?

  • Remember & write down your dreams.
  • Meditate with Hakini mudra to balance Ajna Energy
  • Affirmation: I’m focused, I trust my intuition, I’m connected to my inner child, I see only opportunities, I can do anything my heart desires.
  • Yoga: Alternate Nostril Breathing (both sides of the brains) and headstand (always start under supervision of a yoga teacher)

What is it you suffer from & what can YOU do to heal it?


Sahasrara Chakra – Crown Chakra


Stay connected to the source that unites us all: Love, God, Allah, The Universe or whatever you call it! There’s no separation, so whenever you separate yourself from anything or anyone else, take the time to step back and connect with LOVE

Colour = Purple

Lotus Thousand Leaves

Intuitive knowledge, deeper understanding, strong spiritual connection, experience the divine, feeling complete, fulfilment and enlightenment.


Whenever you separate

yourself from anything

or anyone else,

take the time to step back

and connect with



If you feel separated, lonely, isolated, empty, depressed, low-self esteem, burned out, you don’t believe in anything, you’re experiencing visions that you can’t handle, you feel dizzy, lightheaded and you experience a lot of headache, or you experience lots of unexplainable things The crown chakra needs to be your guide.

What can YOU do to balance Sahasrara Chakra?

  • Meditate in silence
  • Affirm: I am connected to the divine, I am connected to everything and everyone. I come from the same egg as anyone else. I am Love. I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
  • Learn, educate yourself, expand your knowledge & understanding.
  • Yoga: Meditation, Everything that unites, headstand (always start under supervision of a yoga teacher)

What is it you suffer from & what can YOU do to heal it?


JJ’s Chakra Visualization Meditation


Especially for you I created this basic Chakra Visualization, a guided meditation where I’ll guide you through the 7 chakras.

What I love about guided meditations is that you can sit or lay down in a comfortable position and then focus on the guidance. Allow my voice to explore your chakras & whenever you feel resistance don’t just stop, because that might just be the moment when an old rooted opinion or limited belief is being pulled out, and at the same time creating space for a new belief that is aligned with the core of who you are.

In the beginning of this guided meditation I’m inspired by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and the background music – “All Loving Angel” is composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

I hope you enjoy this Chakra Visualisation Meditation and it helps you how to balance chakras, because you have the strength to do this! You got this!



For more chakra guidance I’ll be happy to help. When you’re in need please contact me through Social Media or email me at hello@jjvanzon.com

Hope this was helpful for you. Leave a comment, always interested in hearing your feedback.

Love, Peace & Namasté


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PPs. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text and learn how to balance chakras in your awesome daily life. Thank you!

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