Spirituality for me is balancing the overal negative world with positivity.

Negativity is creating a world of illusion. Making us believe that acting from a place of fear will protect us.

This illusion is the base of the problems in the world. Stress, worry, sleepless nights, conflict & suffering leading to high blood pressure, low self-esteem, addiction, and even burn-out. This all can be and will be resolved when you’re able to focus on the positive part of the world. And the world is always in balance, you just need to want to see it.

Spirituality is trusting a higher power 

We need to remember that we come from love. We come from positivity. But of course when you’re wired to see the negative for years, it’s not easy to make that shift. But it’s also not impossible. It takes some effort.

The thing you need to establish is to create daily moments that you invite love and joy into your life so you can remember. The universe will do the rest.

I’ve created a meditation that will put a smile on your face. Allow yourself to enjoy these 5 minutes and start balancing your life.

Smile, Enjoy, Laugh and Invite love in, because you’re worth it.



Supporting your personal Transformation,

Namasté JJ

Ps. When you’re new to meditation and you like to expand your awareness bringing positivity into your life email me at hello@jjvanzon.com or set up a FREE 30 min strategy call.

PPs. You can also purchase my Meditation Album for Beginners here


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