5 Steps Forgiveness Improving Your Mental Health



When you can let go of the past, you also have the opportunity to fully accept yourself. However, this wisdom only comes when you learn to forgive.


This profound understanding comes only to you when you learn how to embrace who you are and what you did, so that you can let go of negative emotions, energy that’s stuck to you, and beliefs that limit you. 


Because then you’ll unblock, flow will be restored, and you will fully enjoy the present!


Easier said than done, right?


Blog post image, Forgiveness is always about letting go of all hope for a better past, quote of Willem Glaudemans

(Image above is a quote from Willem Glaudemans)


The metaphysical text ‘a course in miracles’ says that forgiveness is the key to a peaceful world. Fear separates. Love unites. Forgiveness is THE TOOL to right the wrong.


The opinion of the ego

is what makes it

difficult to forgive.

It immediately portrays

forgiveness as weak,

because the ego simply

lives in the past

and doesn’t like YOU

to be present.



“No it’s better to hold a grudge, blame, feel guilty, angry or ashamed, and keep that negative energy.“


That doesn’t really feel healthy and healing, right???



You have to realise

that you forgive

so you are fully

in the present,

and you don’t do it

for anybody else,

you do it for YOU.



You forgive because of your mental health. There are days when I set an intention in the morning to practice forgiveness, and every time it is awakening.


✅ When I’m in the car and I scream at someone, I immediately correct myself with the affirmation: “I forgive the situation and everyone involved.”


✅ If I almost hit someone with my car and that person starts to scream at me, I do my best not to scream back and instead affirm, “I forgive the situation and everyone involved.”


This affirmation is one of my most valuable tools I use to keep grounded, centred, in balance and connected with my heart.


blog image “If I blame, I feel caged, wronged, hurt, angry and so on.  When I forgive I’m not a victim.”


5 Steps Forgiveness Improving Your Mental Health


Step 1. Observe your behaviour

When you become aware today of any negative thinking pattern or emotion as you think, speak or act, observe it. Make a note of it!


Step 2. Affirm

Mentally or out loud repeat this affirmation every time you went down the rabbit hole of the ego: “I forgive the situation and everyone involved” Repeat it as much as possible and when appropriate.


Step 3. Be patient

You don’t need to forgive yourself and everyone today for everything. That’s another extreem measurement the ego is trying to convince you off. Be gentle, kind and have patient with forgiveness.


Step 4. Have fun doing it

Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun. Laugh at the ego, as you keep pursuing your forgiveness.


Step 5. Meditate on it

Check out this blog post that has a guided meditation helping you to forgive and let go. If you want to meditate on it, click here!


Image “I forgive the situation and everyone involved”


Remember that forgiveness is big, so again be gentle with yourself doing it. The change everyone seeks is to stop judging others and start forgiving, so start today and the world will change for the better.



‘A Course in Miracles’

teaches us that

forgiveness is truly

the antidote to

the worlds problems.



If you have any questions or want to share your experience after watching or reading this blog post 5 Steps Forgiveness Improving Your Mental Health, simply leave a comment below.


From my heart to yours, ❤️



Ps. I meditate regularly online, so for my meditation and yoga class schedule click here, and if you’re interested in a coaching trajectory email me at hello@jjvanzon.com


Pps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!

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