7 Steps to Let Expectations Go for Optimal Meditation Results


Check out the video where I’ll reveal the 7 steps that help you letting go of expectations so you can enjoy optimal meditation results.


Below the video you’ll find the steps in writing.



When you go to an interview, invest in the stock market, or train in a gym, you expect results. You wait for an answer, keep an eye on the scores, the scale, or muscle-growth to see if everything is going well.


You expect a result!


However, if you start meditating with a similar goal, you will miss the mark.



The intention is that

you let go of your

expectations completely

and just be present

in the here and now.



So if you think today, “Oh that was a great meditation, my mind was calm,” and you are aiming for the same result tomorrow, you’ll probably come home from a rude awakening


Every day is different.


And also in general if you hang any specific goal onto your meditation practice like: “I want peace of mind in a week, next month I have found my bliss, or in a year i’ll have manifested that”, wel then probably it will all turn into a huge disappointment too.


Again, however… this does not mean that you will not experience results


It is one of the contradictions

of meditation that you

cannot reap the benefits

until you let go

of your expectations and

accept things as they are.

Only then can you fully

enjoy the benefits.


JJ van Zon meditating


7 Steps to Let Expectations Go for Optimal Meditation Results


Step 1

sit comfortably and start your meditation.


Step 2

Become aware of any result you are striving for.


Step 3

Accept that you are striving or expecting that result. It’s okay!


Step 4

Tell yourself that this is not the reason you are meditating.


Step 5

Believe in the contradiction of meditation.


Step 6

Trust that whatever you need will come at the right time.


Step 7

Let go of your expectation(s).


So be aware of this next time you meditate, and I can’t wait to hear about your results. 😉 If you have any questions or want to share your experience after watching or reading this blog post 7 Steps to Let Expectations Go for Optimal Meditation Results, simply leave a comment below.


From my heart to yours, ❤️



Ps. I meditate regularly online, so for my meditation and yoga class schedule click here.


Pps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!

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