How to Alleviate Stress with Three Deep Breaths. 


Stress Free

We all experience moments of stress. That’s part of life. Not wanting to feel stress anymore is not natural and therefore will not happen. (take that ego)

So the question is: How do you deal with stress?

For many people this is still abracadabra. They have no idea. Maybe you relate.

Becoming aware of when you are experiencing stress will help you manage your stress level.

That is precisely today’s assignment.


I give you

a simple

mindfulness exercise

that you can do

when you

experience stress.



Video: Alleviate Stress with Three Deep Breaths.



I also recorded an Alleviate Stress Meditation. Almost 30 soothing minutes that’ll calm you down. A meditation that restores what needs to restore. Click here for the Alleviate Stress Meditation. 



(script) Exercise: Alleviate Stress with Three Deep Breaths.


1. Begin by taking a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds, then exhale and allow all tension, frustration, or whatever you’re experiencing to flow out of your body.


2. Take another deep breath, as deep as you can, and hold it again for 5 seconds, and as you exhale imagine blowing out all of your stress, so that your body can restore itself.


3. Take a third deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds, and now as you exhale sink into the moment. This moment is the only thing that’s real. Take it, own it and mentally repeat; “I’m relaxed now.”


Have fun and please share with me your experience of the Alleviate Stress Mindfulness Exercise.


At your service 🧑‍🔧, with Love 💜



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