I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am. – Princess Diana

So many of us are living a life that we’re not suppose to live. Completely logical with all the outside influences that keep distracting us from looking what’s within.

I’ve been there. It’s a place where constant conflict enhances feelings of frustration, stress, anger and other destructive emotions. It’s a big reason for addiction and depression. I’ve been there too.

When you’re a free spirit and you’re not connected with your souls purpose, you’re on a dark and dangerous path. It might feel comfortable but I can assure you standing still is not. Not if you’re a free spirit.

To change your direction won’t be easy. As a matter of fact it will be hard. There will be times when you want to throw in the towel, but always remember that doing the hard work is essential in finding peace of mind.

If you want to connect with your souls purpose, the time to come out of the free spirit closet is NOW!

How do I do this?

Learn about the ego

If you have no idea about how the ego works, you really should study it. The ego is a big part of your behaviour. It’s a voice, a sensation, and a natural way to respond to the world that has been part of you since the moment you were born. It doesn’t wait for an invitation to speak its mind, because it believes everyone and everything is there to harm you in whatever way. It comes from a place of fear.

When I was recovering from my dark path and I realised what the ego had been telling me, I was shocked. “No way, that I would ever let anyone tell me all these fear based lies, ever again.”

Learning about the ego will give you the clarity you need to free you from its influence, so you have space to discover the (what I call) Ultimate You.

Learn about the spirit

Just as important is to study the spirit. It usually is this voice in the back, a gut feeling, what we call intuition. The spirit wants to be invited before involvement, because it believes in free choice. The spirit is your connection with the elements and it goes all the way back to the source. And that source is what we call love.

Learning about the spirit will give you another prospective on the world we are living in. It taught me that I should live from the inside out, instead of from the outside in. It helped me to discard other people’s opinions or other distractions that would make me insecure.

Learning about the spirit gave me more confidence and self-belief.

Learn how you’re body and mind react to ego and spirit

Observing your behaviour is the key to changing your habits. You have to realise that you’ve been acting like this probably for a lot of years. It will be unrealistic to think you can just change with a snap of your fingers. You need to be patient and follow steps to implement your new habits. Now, there are a lot of books on this subject, so I encourage you to surf the web and read.

What it comes down to is that you need to hear what your body and mind tells you. You need to be more in the moment. You need to get more aware of your feelings and do this with compassion. Now if you’re anything like me at the time, the word compassion can be like a foreign language. What helped for me is, I imagined my body and mind like training a very cute puppy. “You can’t be mad or frustrated about a puppy right?”

The key point is to create awareness to what your ego and spirit cause in your body and mind. Meditation, yoga, breathing, diet, sleep, exercise, walks outside are all good ways to connect with body and mind.

Who are you and how can you be the ultimate you

When you’ve past the first three steps, a serious amount of time has passed. Hard work has been done and with every day you’ve opened up to a better connection with your true Self. One that is free of the fearful hands of the ego and more aware of the loving hands of the spirit. When you are in the middle, you are in balance. That’s the place where we should be. Balance gives us peace. So it’s here where you can establish who you were, who you are right now and who you want to be. When you’re in balance you’ll feel that what you want to be is purpose related. It’s here where you realise that you can be anything your heart desires. There is just no ceiling. And if there was, you could crush through it.

It’s here where you can set your goals. It’s here where a free spirit like yourself realises that there will always be people or situations trying to put a ceiling over your head, telling you that you CAN’T do this, but they are wrong. They’re telling you that because of their own belief, what is not your belief.

“Do your best to be the ultimate you everyday and you’ll move mountains.”

Practise your own ritual

You need to daily practise being the new Ultimate You to achieve results. To gain the balance between the ego and the spirit, you’ll have to come up with a plan, I call it a ritual.

I began my quest with short meditations. 2 minutes, a couple of times a day. That was enough to start with. It was easy to implement. I could do it anywhere. No excuse there. A lot of noise and resistance came to the surface. This was enough to start with. No extra exercises were needed. They would’ve made me give up.

With those first meditations I got aware of the ego and spirit. I got aware of the choices I made. It made me aware of my behaviour. I got aware of the victim role I had to say goodbye to.

All things started snowballing from that point on. Step by step I climbed the stairs to inner peace. I made a choice. I trusted and I believed I could change. I was worthy for this change.

Everyone is worthy of a change. So my advice is to start slow. Step by step, brick by brick and above all keep the faith.

For any questions or help, I provide services on taking steps forward. http://jjvanzon.com/contact/

Feeling free is the most important thing to me. Free to express myself, free to make mistakes, free to follow my passion and creativity, free to believe what I want, free to love who I want to love and free to live a life I choose to live: An adventures one.

When you feel called to live a life outside the status quo. When this article resonates with you. When you want to change your frustration, stress and anger into inner peace. Connect with me.

When you start today you’ll be closer to the result tomorrow.


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