Breathing is Healing Visualisation


The Natural Order

There’s a natural order in every cell that creates your body, and that is a drive that the narrow mind cannot understand. It’s up to you to learn to trust it.


❇️ When you cut yourself, there are cells who heal you.

❇️ Your heart beats and you don’t have to think about it.

❇️ As you inhale, that nurturing energy flows towards the cells that need it, and then they can let go of tension and toxicity, so that will be escorted out of your body as you exhale.

❇️ Trillions and trillions of cells are working hard to SUPPORT you.


Honour your body by repeating the following affirmation as much as possible today.


“My body is self-healing. I trust my body.”


My body is self-healing. I trust my body image for blog


Breathing is Healing Visualisation

Darling, I want to share a gem of an exercise with you that I call the Breathing is Healing Visualisation.


Not only is the breath very powerful because it is always in the present moment, and therefore it guides us to the here and now. 


It is also amazing because it takes nurturing energy in as you inhale. Then the cells are doing a happy dance because of your deep breaths, because finally they can release tension & toxicity. And then as you exhale the used (and blocked) energy will be escorted out of your precious body. 


The breath has a powerful cycle. It’s a natural order that you don’t want to mess with. Now due to stressful situations your breathing habits can be altered into superficial breathing. You need to become aware of the breath, breathe deeper, and visualise that self-healing power. 😇


Check out the video below where I’ll guide you through the Breathing is Healing Visualisation. 



Leave a comment below regarding this blog post or if you want to share your experience of the Breathing is Healing Visualisation.


At your service, with Love




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