To free yourself from limiting beliefs and other blocks you need to create the awareness that you are filled with love. Love is what unites us and it can help you clear the clutter or noise that’s distracting you.


When you believe you’re separate from someone else,

and therefore undeserving or more deserving,

you’ll experience struggle.


In this blog post to free yourself from limiting beliefs I’ll be using the script of this weeks guided meditation: “How Can I be of service to you Love?

This text is inspired by my morning ritual of prayer, yoga & meditation. It’s also inspired on “A course in Miracles” a text for spiritual transformation.

“I’m an embodiment of the divine. So to think I’m separate from everyone and everything is an illusion. I’m part of something great and I can tap into the energy of that higher power what we call love. And therefore I ask: Love, how can I be of service to you. How can I create peace, compassion and kindness in my world? Show me the way, how can I be of service.”


Limiting beliefs are blocks. Undo them and create unity.


“To believe I have limits will keep me in a box. This belief system is not doing justice to the higher power called love. I want to let go of this old thinking pattern. Free myself of limiting beliefs and implement a new belief system where I trust love as the divine source of my being. So whenever I’m anxious, I can ask love to take away my fear. Whenever I’m hurt I can pray for love to guide me through it. And whenever I’m depressed love will show me the light. Love, how can I be of service to you! I want to be of service.”

The happiest people on the planet aren’t the wealthiest. They are happy with what they have. They accept their limits but don’t see them as limits. They have unity.

I try everyday to experience unity. I talk to a higher power, so I keep the faith. I meditate to stay present. I observe my behaviour to stay aware of the impulses of Ego. I do yoga to stay connected with my body.


Choosing love all the time is exhausting.


It confronts you with some thoughts, emotions and actions that are difficult to swallow. It would be easy to throw in the towel and let the automatic pilot take over. But that’s another lie.

“When I feel doubt or insecure I know this is not part of love. The things that bring me joy are the things I can serve the world best with. I’m allowed to feel whole, complete and worthy. Settling for less isn’t an option. I serve the world best when I’m doing what I want to do, being who I want to be. So when I feel doubt or insecure I ask: Love, how can I be of service to you! I want to be of service.”

I never want to go back to wonder in the illusion of Ego, complaining about my pains and struggles, that are caused by the choices I make and I’m unaware of.

I’m going to be aware of the choices I make. Therefore I ask guidance of love the first thing after I wake up.


“Love units me to all.

It doesn’t matter how I look or who I love.

Whenever I see or feel hate, I turn to love and ask: 

Where would you have me go?

What would you have me do?

What would you have me say and to whom?”


This weeks guided meditation basically covers what I pray for every morning. You can practice the meditation by clicking on the video below. I talk to a higher power to give me the strength and the awareness to live from a place of love. To choose constantly from a place of love. And when I make a mistake I learn from it.


Free yourself from limiting beliefs by doing your best

& set an intention of choosing love all the time.


“When I dare to go to the core of my being I don’t just feel but I know that love is the answer. I believe when I’m moving forward on this path with only opportunities love will guide me. And why because I ask love to join me on this journey. I turn to love when I need guidance. I turn to love and ask: How can I be of service to you, Love! I want to be of service.”



I choose love and let love guide me. I hope you do too.

Love, Peace & Namasté



Ps. This blog post & my spiritual practice is inspired by the text “A Course In Miracles” that supports spiritual transformation.

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PPPs. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text and free yourself from limiting beliefs in your awesome daily life. Thank you!

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