Become less separated from love by accepting who you’ve become right here, right now.

Acceptance is the key to growth. The moment when you’re still wishing your past would be different, you’re not fully present. Scroll down and listen to my new guided meditation about acceptance.


When you accept who you’ve become

you create a moment where resistance stops.

Like sand in a glass of water,

it’ll sink as you let it rest.


Life will become clear as you take a moment (STOP), become present, and accept who you’ve become. You’ll be able to move forward!


FIRST THING you need to do is start observing:

Observe your thoughts throughout the day. What are you thinking, when someone crosses you on the street? Are you judgmental? Are you resentful?

As you observe without judgment you come loose of the impulses of the Ego.

I used to have so many opinions about people I didn’t even exchanged words with. I was letting my thoughts make decisions for me. They were totally not based on compassion or kindness. I even made excuses to rectify my judgment.

The Ego is slick. It’s been tangled in your daily life for a long time. It created blocks, limited beliefs, thinking patterns, habits & other stuff to keep you from making loving authentic decisions. Therefor observing your thoughts and behaviour is crucial to your acceptance and growth.


SECOND THING Create Balance using Mirror Work

Spiritual teacher Louise Hay has brought me so much. She lights up my life with her wisdom.

When I read her book “You can heal your life” I realised I used one of her famous tools to create balance between the negative thoughts and positive thoughts in your life. She calls it Mirror Work.

The moment I decided I’d enough with feeling depressed and was fed up with all the darkness in my mind, I decided to take off all my clothes. There I was standing in front of the mirror looking at myself.

The thoughts that entered my mind were horrible. They crushed me completely, but….


There was something inside me

that convinced me that this wasn’t normal.

It told me to look beyond all this negativity. 

Everyday I stood naked in front of the mirror

& slowly I managed to look

beyond the judgment and fear.


At that time the wisdom of ‘Louise Hay’ resonated with me. “You are beautiful. Life loves you. All is well!” I started to change my negative affirmations to positive ones. After some time I felt more balanced.

Now I look at myself in the mirror and I see how extraordinary it is that I am here, having a body, enjoying life. My purpose is to spend this life living from love. It’s my dharma and this is how I cleanse my karma.


I look in the mirror & I’m able to accept the person I’ve become.


I love creating meditations & I love spiritual growth. Therefor I offer you another guided meditation that is full with life coaching tips.

This guided meditation Acceptance will take you to a deeper consciousness where you’ll be able to unroot some limited beliefs and immediately plant seeds for new patterns that align with your soul’s purpose and your loving heart.

Acceptance is the key to your spiritual growth.

Therefor I created this Acceptance Meditation for you.

Become less separated from love by accepting who you’ve become right here, right now.

You’re welcome to leave a comment & share your story on acceptance.

Love, Peace & Namasté


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PPs. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text and implement mirror work &the meditation of acceptance in your awesome daily life. Thank you!

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