Dare to listen beyond judgment & fear and feel enlightened.

How to become a better listener is extremely important when you want to gain clarity in your life. Become a better listener means you’re opening up to a world where judgment and fear won’t mess with your mind. They lack the control over you.

You’re now able to stay focused and enjoy the sounds of the universe.

Did you ever come across a person who really listened to what you had to say? How did this person make you feel?

When I started my spiritual journey I encountered many awakenings.

One of those epiphanies was the inner peace & clarity I got when I listened to myself, to others and the world around me. Not just with my ‘normal’ senses….

I learned to listen with my heart and an all-knowing trust was revealed to me!

Up till then my empathic abilities were more of a curse, because I had no idea how to use them or protect them from overkill.


When I started to listen to myself I created a bond with my intuition. It became clear what was of importance to me and what ‘stuff’ in my life I could let go off. I didn’t care so much what other people thought of me. I stopped feeling like a victim. I feel free!


As a professional dancer I never listened to my body. I treated it like an instrument to make money.

Now as a yoga student & yoga teacher I changed my opinion and started to listen to my body. My body became precious. I cherish it and nurture it! A whole world opened up for me when I started a conversation with my body.

The moment when you start to listen, wether its to your own Self, your body, your mind, to birds chirping, wind blowing or when someone else speaks, that is the moment when you are truly present.

And when you’re truly present you’re able to witness remarkable things. In that moment you can experience miracles.

I’ve learned to listen beyond judgment and fear. And the effect was astonishing…. I’m not there all the time. But when I am I feel enlightened. All the practice I do daily is worth it!


So how do you become a better listener & feel enlightened?


Take the time to listen

Like Julia Roberts firmly states in Erin Brockovich: “Have that fucking cup of coffee!”

No rushing and no impatience! You wouldn’t feel heard yourself when someone isn’t really there for you.

Not only in conversations with others but also in meditation or inner communication you need to give yourself the space to establish a deeper profound connection. Allow yourself the time to listen!


Leave your own story & opinion out of it!

I get it! You want to respond believing you’re helping. STOP! You’ll help the person by listening without giving your own opinion. You have to be really careful when giving advise or opinions, they often go hand in hand with judgment.

Also when you’re listening to Self, try to not get attached to the opinion of your Ego. This inner critic prevents you from opening up, feel enlightened and experience miracles.


Focus all your attention on the subject.

I know how hard it is NOT to talk about yourself. You want to say something intelligent or there’s something that you’re experiencing right now that you ‘sneaky’ want to ad in the conversation but….. DON’T!

When you tame the impulses that come from Ego, clarity comes of what’s truly important to you.

  • This includes your smartphone. When in a conversation hide your phone. Even when you’re phone is on the table, you’re proving that you’re not truly there.


Connect with compassion and kindness.

Speak with your heart. I love that! When you speak from the heart, you don’t have to use words. You’ll feel heard on a different level. And when you’ve mastered to become a better listener, the effect of speaking with your heart will make you feel so good.

Wether it’s your heart, your feet, your neighbour, a bird, or a lawn mower across the street that’s driving you nuts….. always do your best to respond with compassion & kindness.


My gift to you:

Silence is beautiful

A Meditation practice is what helps me to become a better listener.

I used to despise silence. Shivers down my spine, brrrrr…. I was used to be in places with a lot of noise. When I was home I would always enjoy the sound of music or the television.

I needed that noise, because I couldn’t deal with silence. It made me insecure.

Now I’m a better listener. I feel deeply connected to my own presence. And I have mastered some tools to tame the impulses of my Ego so I can really see someone that talks to me. I can truly enjoy what happens around me.

Not only do I feel connected to the world around me, but also to the things in this world that I can’t see or touch. I’m connected to the source.

And when spiritual teachers talk about ‘connecting to everything’, I now understand what they’re referring to!

I listen to the love in my heart. I listen to my spiritual guides. I’ve learned to listen beyond judgment and fear. It’s miraculous. I don’t master this listening all the time, but I practice for that result daily with my meditations and other spiritual practices.

I become a better listener through meditation.

The next meditation I created especially to open up and listen beyond what you can understand. Dare to listen beyond judgment and fear.


Become a better listener & feel enlightened – Guided Meditation by JJ van Zon

Please leave a comment of your experience listening to this meditation

Supporting your personal transformation,

Love, Peace & Namasté JJ

Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text and implement how to become a better listener in your awesome daily life. Thank you!

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