“Spirituality isn’t ‘airy-fairy-stuff’. It’s the best tool to keep me grounded!”

Wow, if I have to be an advocate for anything it will be for Spirituality. I found this touch of compassion on my doorstep and its embrace was perfectly timed.

I was desperately looking for something to hold on to. I had made such a mess of my life. The dark road I was accustomed to had scared me so much that I was finally willing to check a different direction.

Nobody prepared me for the life after a professional dance career. Since I could remember I wanted to be a dancer and perform on stage. I was totally misunderstood in my hometown during my upbringing. “Dancing is not for boys.” No support what so ever! But that wouldn’t keep me from pursuing my dream.

Thankfully MTV and other music programs gave me the knowledge that there was a life for me as an artist. I believed in my passion and it guided me to an audition at a famous dance academy in Amsterdam, resulting in a successful dance career working with many celebrities and big companies.

My life purpose was in full bloom. For over 12 years I was living the dream, until something changed. I guess the world kept turning and the industry evolved. Dancers were now doing turns on their heads instead of on their feet. The Internet changed a lot and TV-shows like “Idols” and “So You Think You Can Dance” also influenced another perception of what a dancer had to be.

What actually happened was my “biological clock” saying it was time for a new destiny.

I had no idea how to listen to my intuition, so I was holding on to my old passion, resulting in bitterness and a big fat victim role, taking me to a path of depression numbing myself with substances.

For years I was in chaos with myself. A troubled soul with no purpose in life! I was so fed up feeling like this that I started to pray. Wasted on drugs I folded my hands and for months I begged for something to rescue me. And on a not so special night I heard a voice telling me to meditate.

So the next day when I was sober I sat down, closed my eyes and for a couple of minutes I experienced hell on earth. But I wasn’t going to throw in the towel. I knew that voice came from a good place. It was like a small light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

I had invited spirituality in my life when I was praying. And when I was ready for it, she gave me a sign. That sign was hope, something I hadn’t felt for years.

Hope became trust and trust turned into a belief.

I was working hard to build myself up again. Meditation became my friend. The awareness, understanding and knowledge I got from this new path of self-realisation were encouraging.

I connected with my soul and darkness evaporated.

Spirituality is not ‘airy-fairy-stuff’. That’s just ego trying to convince you of it’s own illusion. Being spiritual means enjoying the moment! It’s all about being grounded, right here, right now!

And in this crazy world with all kinds of energies colliding we get easily distracted. We need to practice grounding. We need to create awareness, understanding and knowledge of our behaviour. Is this a fear-based reaction or is this an authentic reaction?

I found that when I make authentic choices it would not result in regret or any other stress-giving result. I have more energy to be adventures.

Spirituality gave me the tools to rebuild my life in an authentic way. It rescued me out of a pile of shit and it gave me the knowledge and courage to clean myself up.

I was guided to India where I was schooled to be the coach and teacher I am today. Spirituality guided me to my new life purpose, because where did I get the idea that you only had one?

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Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!

Namasté JJ

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