“When you shine a light, darkness will disappear.”

There was a moment in my life when I turned the wheel. And even though I was numbing myself daily, I remember this turning point very well!

I believe it was a combination of being fed up with feeling stuck and a desire to search for more meaning in my life. That combination made me want to look in a different direction.

It could have been my catholic background or just the despair of wanting more out of life, but at one moment I folded my hands in front of my heart and started to pray.

“Please, I know I’m doing awful things to my life and I’m probably a bad person, but can you please show me a way out of this vicious circle. I know I’m actually a different person with so much love to give. Please help me.”

And even though I numbed myself with drugs for months after, I kept praying for a way out.

After months I got this amazing clear voice inside me telling me to meditate.

“And even though the concept was foreign to me, the next day I sat down for a couple of minutes, closed my eyes and experienced hell on earth.”

My mind was not having it. My mind went ballistic. And every thought and feeling told me to knock it off. But I stayed committed, because the voice within gave me hope and I chose to trust it. I’d found my other direction.

My meditation turned into a consistent practice and after a couple of weeks I already bloomed. The transition period had begun. From there on it started to snowball.

I created a beautiful daily moment where I was connecting with my Self. This is how I created awareness and understanding of my situation. I created space so I could step back, and without fear and stress I could look at myself, see the bigger picture, and I knew what needed to be done.

I needed to accept what had happened to me. I needed to accept everything that leaded me to this place. No more punishing, no more regret or resentment…only love from now on.

It’s amazing how a shift of perception can give you the push you’ve been longing for.

When I started to pray, I invited love into my life. And the light of love made darkness disappear. So my consistent practice created a ripple effect that got me unstuck, made me move forward, so I now spend my time enjoying my life.

In this weeks meditation you’ll practice acceptance. It will help you to create space so you can step back, see the bigger picture and accept your life in the present moment.



Let me know how this plays out in your life! Leave comments below. I hope it serves you

Namasté JJ

Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!.

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