Ahimsa – non violence is the root for our society. Without it we are lost!

If you look at the news, you get the impression that the world is awful. I always feel very heavy after watching or scrolling the news. Is there really nothing else they can publish? No, because they earn money with this. “People want to see this,” is the editorial response. Nice and easy, absolutely no responsibility for the energy they create, is my opinion.

Sometimes I doubt myself. Is this negativity really the reflection of society?

Fortunately I immediately hear a loving voice from within that reassures me. “No, this is not a reflection of society. A lot of good things happen and there are more good people than bad ones. “

Its again my ego trying to tell me that the outside world is something that I have to compare myself with. Thankfully I have been practicing yoga, meditation and other spiritual tools for years now. These practices keep me aware that I should not identify with that negative ego.


I often say it,

but my greatest spiritual lesson is

that everyone has a choice

to respond from fear or from love.


When I found out about the ability to choose myself, I started to make conscious choices as often as possible. This requires a lot of work, but it pays off. Authentic choices do not create regrets, doubts or other hassle.

In the yoga Bible we work in eight limbs towards Samadhi (Nirvana, Bliss, Enlightenment). And these eight limbs starts with a moral code that you can also find in every “big” religion of the world.


Ahimsa – Nonviolence

Ahimsa is the root in our society. It means dealing kindly and respectfully with all living things, including ourselves.

This goes beyond just doing. Ahimsa is also about applying non violence in your thoughts and words.

In the end it is very simple. You can think from fear (attack) or from love (compassion). You can talk with words that cause pain or that are respectful. When you identify with your thoughts, it becomes a feeling and from there you start talking and doing.


How do I master Ahimsa?

Observe your thoughts, your words and your behaviour.

The more you become aware of what is going on in your head and also how you react to it, the more you will gain control over how you want to respond authentically.


1. Start observing without judgment.

When do I respond from attack? How do I talk to myself? How do I talk to and about others? Are my thoughts negatively charged? Simply accept what you are witnessing so that you can do it differently next time.


2. Start Correcting

If you have become aware of how your ego is trying to influence you, you can start correcting. All the thoughts, words and actions that are created from attack, you will immediately correct them. Yes, this means saying sorry if that’s what you need to do. Know that this has nothing to do with the other person, you do this for you.


3. Ahimsa is a way of life.

Being good and wanting to be perceived as good are two different things. You’re in the long run here. So stay aware of Ahimsa and set an intention to apply it always.


4. Meditate on it!

Especially for the purpose of Ahimsa I have recorded a meditation or actually it’s more of a meditative conversation that takes you to the land of Ahimsa. Click here or on the video and listen.



For more guidance & support you can always connect with me on my social channels or email me at hello@jjvanzon.com where we can discuss how to apply Ahimsa non violence so you can enrich your life with peace & power.

Namasté JJ


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