“Stress is a negative thought, counter it with a positive thought and the balance is restored.” – JJ van Zon

Easier said than done, but you got to start somewhere right?

Many, many, many people suddenly face a moment in life when they feel stuck.

It’s a very unsettling feeling. You’re stuck because fear makes you believe it is not safe to move forward and your soul’s calling wants to move on.

This is the cause of a major conflict happening within YOU…. Stress taking over your mind and numbing the body at the same time.

Stress is not BAD. There’s a reason that it exists. It has a purpose.

Unfortunately it’s also a very good tool of the Ego to use, so it keeps us under his influence.

Life is extremely complicated and the Ego uses this maze to its advantage. What needs to happen to untangle yourself from its web of illusion is for you to go back to the source.

The breath is the source. By grabbing an anchor, like the breath you come back to the beginning and everything that makes life complicated will cease to exist. By focussing on your breath your mind will loose influence.

See it as a wall of fear that’s been build around you. This fear is everything from the outside that has influenced you.

Inside exists the breath. When you practice breathing, just once or a couple of times a day, you’ll ignite and restore beauty within you. The breath will create a power that will heal you from the inside out.

I assure you health will take over. You’ll feel more secure, safe and confident. All character trades Ego doesn’t want you to have.

Its influence will become less and you’re stress will fade away.

Watch the next video where I take you on a breathing journey.

What stresses you out? Are you Stuck? Afraid to move on? Searching for ways to overcome your fears?


Contact me: mail me at todayistart@outlook.com.

Namasté Xx JJ

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