When you are suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction, overwhelming emotions, stress or anything else that’s blocking you from being YOU, well then it’s possible that your mind is controlling the shots in some areas of your life.


This suffering can be related to darkness. What I learned throughout my spiritual journey is that darkness cannot exist in light.


Unfortunately we aren’t raised

to invite the light,

because light needs an invitation.

It respects our free will,

and therefore we need to invite it in.



Today’s meditation is about recognising that light, so we can invite it in and allow it to guide us.


Let’s meditate together with this Inviting The Light Meditation.


When you want to connect with me, please email me at hello@jjvanzon.com and if you have other people that you think can benefit from this daily meditations, like this Inviting The Light Meditation, then please forward this video or connect them with me in any other way.


Remember that during this corona crisis I’ll be showing up for a daily live stream at 8am CET on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 


I wish you an amazing day, Be safe & (re)act with love


I’m JJ, Namasté


Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!


PPs. If you’d like to meditate more with me, I have 10 free meditations for you to download immediately. Sign up here. 

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