“Once trust is earned you feel the value of being compassionate to Self.”


At one state in my life I was a mess. Always looking around for other people’s recognition, hoping to get validation that I was worthy. That I was someone! That I mattered!


Incisively searching for something that wasn’t there. No one would ever give me the feeling of worthiness if I wouldn’t find it myself first.


And ironically when I found it, I didn’t need anyone’s validation and here’s why…


Insecurity is an illusion of the ego! It tries to make you weak so you won’t continue growing. As you’re vulnerable you’re easily persuaded by fear to stay in your comfort zone.


I have a spiritual practice to keep a clear view so that I can choose from authenticity instead of being manipulated by ego’s hidden agenda.


My trust started to grow when I started to meditate. I started to spend time with me, creating awareness of my thoughts, and practicing to be fully present building a solid foundation for ‘a new house’.


A house that felt safe! It became a place for me to turn to when I needed to charge myself with new energy. It was a haven where I felt free and worthy to work on a new future. It was a house where I could leave the past and the future outside. And to quote Eckhart Tolle, I really felt the power of Now! All possibilities were open and with that mindset opportunities raised to the surface.

It’s in that happy place that I started to listen. And in the depth of my being I could hear a voice. It was a friendly voice! Like a friend that always looks out for you. Someone you can trust! Someone who won’t judge you! Someone who cares! I started to open up and I connected with my inner core, my true Self, my Uniqueness.


And do you know what I did? I embraced it!


I opened my arms for this beautiful connection with my true Self. I feel divinely protected by the innate goodness in my heart.

The outside world gives me so many reasons not to trust myself, but I found out that it’s all BS, when I decide it to be. I believe I am amazing. I believe I am right here in this moment, exactly where I need to be, learning the lessons I need to.


I choose because through meditation I stay aware. I lead my life happy and joyful because I trust who I am.


I used to feel utterly alone, but since I started to trust the core of my being:

  • I share my life with my friends.
  • I found love, I got married.
  • I started my own business.
  • I experience joy and peace.
  • I connect with my body, mind and spirit.
  • I became my own best friend.


I know it’s hard coming from a place with a lot of doubt and insecurity. Especially when you’ve lived like that for many years, like I had. But the most supportive thought was that I didn’t need anyone to comfort me. I had a best friend inside me, who had a loving and compassionate touch with a shoulder to cry on, and who would listen without judgment. And above all I had someone who found me worthy of becoming everything I dreamed of.


You owe it to yourself to connect, because you’re awesome, extraordinary and brilliant.


This meditation will help you to connect with your inner best friend. I will guide you through it. This meditation is for beginners and advanced. When you’re in need for some trust, listen to it as much as you can. This will be beneficial to your growth. The more you shower in the text of this meditation, the more effect it will have on your confidence. That’s how I grew from very insecure to confident and trustful.


When you would like the audio file to practice this meditation on any device and anywhere click here.

Let me know how this plays out in your life! Leave comments below. I hope it serves you

Namasté JJ

Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!

You can get the downloadable Meditation audio file here

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