Happy Easter is what we say today, but Easter will be different this year for many of us.
This might not be the day that you expected it to be. You might had plans to see friends or have an enormous diner with your family, go to a festival or have an outrageous shopping spree.
I’ve been meditating live on YouTube now for three weeks and a few weeks ago I asked what was bothering you throughout this corona crisis, and disappointment of not doing what makes you happy was one of them.

So if you’re

dealing with disappointment,

first and foremost

you have to allow that feeling.

Feel disappointed, but when that feeling is taking over and becomes a threat for your mental health you have to put an effort in and restore the balance.
If you wish that things are different you aren’t in the present moment and that Coulda, shoulda, woulda state of mind isn’t helping YOU.
What will help is to stay connected to this present moment and you simply do that by connecting with your heart.
Remember that sometimes stuff happens for a reason. You need to experience something to go to wherever you need to go.
Now this advice might not be helpful right now when you’re in the middle of the storm, but also this storm will pass.
So let’s meditate together with this meditation to deal with disappointment during corona virus,


When you want to connect with me, please email me at hello@jjvanzon.com and if you have other people that you think can benefit from this daily meditations, like this meditation to deal with disappointment during corona virus then please forward this video or connect them with me in any other way.


Remember that during this corona crisis I’ll be showing up for a daily live stream at 8am CET on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 


I wish you an amazing day, Be safe & (re)act with love


I’m JJ, Namasté


Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!


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