“The moment I saw the effect of patience on my life, was the moment I wanted to practice getting better at it everyday.”


Picture a stressful day, with too many things to do, and too many people expecting something from you. With you being the worst of them all, because you’ve (of course) raised the bar ultimately high.

Then everything doesn’t go according to plan. People are late, or aren’t doing ‘it’ the way you would do. You drop everything, you lose your keys and you fall into a “why does everything happen to me” state.

There’s an intense fire in you building up and you’re doing everything NOT to explode.


“Aren’t you tired of living this way? Aren’t you fed up expecting so much of yourself and others? Wouldn’t it be awesome to let go of some of these expectations?”


This was my inner voice talking to me!

When I embarked on my spiritual journey, I explored all kinds of new areas. I already showered myself into the world of compassion, worked on my acceptance, practiced being in the present moment, and I was now observing my behaviour.

I really didn’t like hearing I was manipulated by ego to make decisions on its behalf. The rebel inside me wasn’t having it! I wanted to make decisions out of authenticity. When someone would fall on his face, it would certainly be by my own doing, not by some fear-based automatic pilot.

So I was set out to observe my behaviour and to improve making authentic decisions. And this is how I created awareness of this tool with miraculous power.


The word patience brought up so much resistance at first, but because I was observing my behaviour I opened up to the thought that this could be another illusion of Ego, trying to keep me away from it.

So I acknowledged the resistance and went for it anyway.

I assure you when you practice patience your stress level will decrease immensely. Why and how? Well, because you create space between you and the situation before you.



” I embrace patience. Patience is my friend.”

Here’s my ‘5 Step Observe & Respond Tactic’ that will give you more patience.


Step 1. Observe without judgement

To be a witness without judging takes practice. Meditation helped me BIG TIME! Each meditation practice would connect me with the core of my being, taking a step back from my thoughts, creating space for me to see before I would react. I still find NOT-judging one of the hardest thing to do, therefor I know I need to keep my meditation practice up.


Step 2. Accept the situation as it is

Excuses, complaining, and twisting the truth will only ad influence to fear, giving Ego more power to manipulate you. You want to keep the connection to love as clear as possible. So there’s just no more time to hide in the victim-role. Accept who you are right now! Accept what you’ve become! You can change who and what you are in this present moment. Not when you’re still attached to the past or already worrying about your future. The moment to create change is NOW.


Step 3. Listen to your love-voice

With each meditation practice you will create more connection with Authenticity. By spending time with JUST YOU you’ll create peace with Self. What is amazing progress that you’ll need in becoming more enlightened.

When you become aware of your behaviour, you can start to change it. When you create awareness you’re able to accept the situation as it is. With the space you’ve created with meditation and observing your behaviour, you’ll now have time to listen to your love-voice.

The chatterbox created from fear will still be present, but those voices have been set on a lower volume. By inviting love into your life you’ve created a greater connection with another voice inside you that comes from love: YOUR LOVE-VOICE!

With every meditation I grow closer to my best friend called my awesome love-voice.

My intuition is something that I trust now. This trust is what contributes to me stepping back, so I have the patience to listen.


Step 4. Connect with your values

In any situation after I observed, accepted what has happened and listened to what my love-voice is telling me about a specific situation, I would weigh the options by comparing them with my values. My values represent who and what I am. I have to take responsibility of my actions, so I want them to connect to what I value most. This way I will stay close to love and negative emotions like regret, doubt or resentment will not have the power to sweep me off my feet. My values are clear to me. I would advice you to explore your values when they’re not clear yet.


Step 5. Respond with authenticity

The last step is your response. And as I said before you want your response to come from authenticity. This way you’ll create a clear connection with love. To connect with your authentic Self, you need to practice. One meditation a day will give you the closeness to your BFF.



“In the end it’s a choice. You have to put in some effort to create patience.”

So to recap:

– When a person cuts you off in traffic you can respond with anger or you can step back and use the ‘5 step observe & respond tactic’.

– When you’ve chosen to stand in the wrong queue in the supermarket, you can respond impatiently or you can use the ‘5 step observe & respond tactic’.

– When you’ve got a better connection to your authenticity you can choose yourself whether it’s time to scream somebody’s head of or keep it cool.

– By practicing meditation daily you’ll keep a hold of your patience and the miraculous effect that comes with it.


In the end it’s a choice. You have to put in some effort to create patience. There isn’t a magic pill for it, but I assure you that a daily meditation practice in combination with my ‘5 step observe & respond tactic’ will present you a magical outcome.

The next meditation I’ve created especially for you to connect with this powerful tool. Make patience your best friend and create the space that you need to have less stress, to lose that feeling that you will explode and to become more connected to your authenticity. Be responsible for your response and the energy you send out with it.

Enjoy this meditation and click here when you’d like the audio file to practice this meditation on anywhere, anytime.



Let me know how this plays out in your life! Leave comments below. I hope it serves you

Namasté JJ


Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!

You can click here for the downloadable meditation to practice your patience anywhere, anytime.

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