Could your thoughts be blocking you from living an authentic life?


Maybe it is time for a Thought Inventory?


I could start this blogpost explaining why we need to stop negative self talk & limiting beliefs, but then I would just be offending your intelligence. I know you know what negative self talk is and limiting beliefs are. This post is not about KNOWING, it’s all about DOING.


This annoying voice in our minds, that tries to convince us (and often succeeds) that we’re unworthy, that we won’t amount to anything, that we’re stupid, and we should retreat in a hole playing cards with just ourselves because we’re not good enough to have friends … that frustrating voice really needs to calm down. But how??


How To Give Negative Self Talk Less Power:

1. We need to give that voice less ammunition.
2. We need to become aware of what triggers it.
3. And we need to take our power back.


To untangle from that thick web of that annoying voice is not easy. As I said it’s sticky and often disguised as sweet and delicious. Today YOU will practice detaching yourself from that voice that is not YOU.


What does this mean, detaching myself from Negative Self Talk?



What You Are Not


You are not your clothes. Your clothes don’t make you superieur or inferieur.
You are not the furniture in your house. When someone doesn’t like it, you don’t have to be offended.
You are not your bankaccount. You are not your job.
You are not your reputation. If you’re late at a meeting, that doesn’t make you a bad person.
You are not what your parents wanted you to be.
You are also not a decision you made years ago. You have always the choice to change your mind.
You are not your shame, experienced trauma, wounds, nor your anger or other emotions.
You are definitely not your body (it’s a gift) and because your mind is just a little part of your body, you are not your mind & certainly not your thoughts. 


You Are a Spirit Having a Human Experience



We take ourselves too seriously. We identify with too much stuff that at the core is NOT important.
We worry so much about secondary things that we forget to take care of our primary needs.
We worry so much what other people think of us, that we focus on keeping them happy first, instead of taking care of ourselves.


Many of us have lost

who we really are,

what we really want

and how we really feel. 


Again: All great in theory, but it won’t amount to any results when you don’t start DOING! (I wrote a whole Dutch book about it, click here when you want to read it.)




We often believe that we are what we think, but that’s part of the illusion. You are a spirit embarking a human experience. You’ve been given a body so you can be human. Your mind is just a little part of this body, so the fact you’re having thoughts is just proof that you’re human.


“Jippie, I have thoughts,

That’s proof I am human.”


After two months in my meditation practice I experienced a shift. I was really desperate because before starting this meditation practice I suffered dark and suicidal thoughts. These thoughts and images scared me so much it encouraged me to sit on my meditation cushion daily.



By Meditating

I got willing and devoted

to trust the outcome

even though I had no idea

what the outcome was or

that there even would be an outcome. 



After two months constant meditating I experienced a distance between myself and what I was thinking. It dawned on me that my thoughts were extremely brutal to me. “You can never do this. You are worthless. Give it up. This world is better off without you in it.”


And it also worked the other way around. My thoughts weren’t really friendly towards others. “Oh she is so slow, she needs to die. Got woman, how stupid can you be? Don’t you know who I am? This world owes me so much.”


This wasn’t me. And then it dawned on me, my meditation guru was right. I am not my thoughts. It’s great when someone tells you, but it’s awesome when you experience it yourself. I am not my thoughts.


How To Create A Thought Inventory?


1. Observe without judgment

I want you to be very mindful today with everything you do, and mentally repeat as many times: I AM NOT … [fill in the blank]. Whenever you’re aware of what this annoying voice of your mind is chatting about, observe it. Repeat it! Memorise it! Really take notice, … and then detach from it.


I am not this thought.

I am not her judgment.

I am not this anxiety.

I am not his anger.

I am not the rain.

I am not climate change.

I am not my past.

I am not my self-talk.

I am not this annoying voice in my mind.

I am not fear.

I am not this emotion.

I am not this thoughts.


I am a spirit having a human experience.


2. Journal about your findings 

What truly helps is (at the end of the day) to write what you learned down on paper. This way you literally write it out of your head.



3. Meditate on it!

Sit in a comfortable position for at least 2 minutes and be still. Become aware of what’s happening in your mind. After this meditation you can free write in your journal about the experience.

I also have something special for you if you’re new to meditation or you need guidance while meditating. Click here and get access to 10 guided meditations. It’s totally free AND it’ll definitely help with your progress. 


4. Sharing is caring

Leave a comment below with questions or to share your experience on how to Stop Negative Self Talk & Limiting Beliefs or any struggles doing your thought inventory. You can also visit my Today I Start Closed Facebook Group, where you can share posts in the community.


Have a fabulous day reconnecting with your authentic Self,


Namasté JJ


Ps. Don’t forget that meditation will help overcome your negative self talk & limiting beliefs. Click here to get access to 10 guided meditations by me. It’s easy, fun & totally free! 

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