I know life sometimes feels serious and heavy. No one said it was going to be easy, but when your life always feels heavy it’s time to restore the balance.


When you’re surrounded by worry and insecurity you’re used to live on a low vibration. And on this low vibration other peoples’ opinions can win it from your authentic Self.


To restore the balance you need to learn how to lift yourself up, to join a more vibrant and higher vibration.


I know what it’s like when doubt is constantly in your head. Right before I was born my parents lost a son. So what I learned as a little boy was always looking out for anything that could harm me and therefor harm my parents again. I was questioning everything, becoming highly insecure!


I’m so thankful that I was highly connected to my first purpose becoming a professional dancer. It kept me connected with my free spirit, so that the insecurity couldn’t walk away with me.


Until my identity crisis, after my first purpose had been fulfilled. This was the perfect moment for insecurity to overwhelm me and disconnect me even further from my authentic spirit.


I doubted everything! The chatterbox in my mind was always bringing me down. Creating fantasy loopholes in my mind that kept me up at night.


  • I should’ve reacted differently to that cashier.
  • Why didn’t I just do what I really wanted?
  • She might have started a fight if I would have said anything.
  • Why can’t I stand up for myself? I will stand up for myself next time.


I gave myself time to end this exhausting monkey business in my brain.


With just one yoga pose/breath I raised my confidence way up high.


So I’m asking you to stop lying awake at night, thinking about things you can’t change anymore or worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. I’m going to introduce you to a simple and fun tool that will get you on a high vibration.


We’re very aware what other people will think of us. I get that! But you always should keep this in balance and the way to do that is to provide yourself a platform where you don’t care what other people think of you and have fun!


The tool I am referring to is called the Lion-pose or Lion breath, or as I like to call…


”The I don’t care what other people think pose.”


In the next video I explain my interpretation of this yoga pose will deeply connect you with your inner child, laughing and having fun along the way. You’ll climb out of that doubt-phase and into confidence making a connection with your higher Self.


I encourage you to have fun and remember that making funny faces is the key to gain more confidence.


Let me know if you have questions, stories or experiences to tell. Please share them in a comment below. I will reply to each one personally.


Namasté JJ


Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!


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