The #1 Secret How To Implement A New Habit Successfully


The secret of implementing a new habit in your life is repetition or practice during a rehearsal period!

As a professional dancer I couldn’t go on stage before I knew the choreography. If I was too busy thinking about the steps I would make mistakes. Each dance routine needed to be rehearsed so that my body knew the transitions between dance steps.

Knowing isn’t enough, you also need to feel and experience to be successful!

I’ve created 3 steps that will serve you when you want to implement a new habit in your daily life.


Step 1 – Be willing!

This is something I experience a lot! People want a lot, but aren’t willing to do much for it! The moment when it gets hard they give up.

You might recognise this with a diet, exercise or other resolution (I know I do) you tried but never finished. Why? Because our ego is filling us with all sorts of crappy ideas with the end result to give up! Our ego hates change so it wants us to quit. This is why it seems extra hard to implement a new habit.

What to do? Feel the fear and do it anyway! Think about where you are now and why you want this new habit? Be willing to sacrifice some stuff in your life to succeed implementing this new habit into your life.

Write the benefits and the sacrifices in a journal as a reminder!

Write the benefits and the sacrifices down in a journal or on a post-it where you can see it often during the day. Be reminded of this task that will eventually benefit your life.


Step 2 – Be consistent with your practice!

As a professional dancer I relate with this step very much. In order to be good, you need to practice. After Madonna or Beyonce creates a new show, they need to schedule time for rehearsals. This means time with the band, time with the dancers, time for sound, visuals, lights, costumes and eventually you schedule time where everything comes together.

Now I don’t know about Madonna or Beyonce, but when I was doing the musicals Saturday Night Fever or Fame we had 6-8 weeks rehearsal period, before the general rehearsal came.

Why do you think this is?

We need a rehearsal period to get acquainted with something new. We need this period to become aware how it effects our lives. What resistance comes up, what problems and how can I solve this! This process takes time!

It works exactly the same with implementing a new habit into your life. Quit smoking, keeping a diet, brushing your teeth, meditating, exercise, being kind are all new habits that have their own affect on your daily life and therefor need a rehearsal period.

Accept that you need to practice, practice and practice!


Step 3 – Visualise the desired outcome and then surrender it to the universe or higher power.

What I always did when I needed to become solid with my dance steps was that next to my physical practice I would also imagine me dancing the steps.

I would imagine before I would go to sleep the entire choreography. I can assure you this helped me to do the choreography flawless performing in front of audiences.

So whatever new habit you want to implement in your daily life. Visualise it as if it has already happened. Imagine how it feels. Use all your senses. Let all limitations go and open your mind. Visualise the desired outcome when your new habit is established into your daily routine.

But wait, that is only part of it!

After you visualise the desired outcome, you surrender this outcome to the universe.   

When you visualise a desire, ego attaches an expectation to it. This expectation is usually bound to end up in disappointment. You want to dream without expectation, so the energy of your desire stays pure.

This way you’ll also develop trust plus you won’t be affected by worry so much.

The secret how to implement a new habit is repetition or practice during a rehearsal period!

Schedule a rehearsal period every time you implement something new. Be willing to sacrifice your time, put in the effort and visualise your desired outcome without expectations.


When you’ve got questions or you want to share your story related to this topic write it in a comment below. I can’t wait to connect with you.

Supporting your personal transformation,

Namasté JJ


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PPs. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!

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