I Activate Loving Energy Within Me Doing Yoga


When you’ve suffered from a depression you know that energy is something crucial for your recovery. I activate energy within me using the portals between the physical and the energy realm.


These energy wheels are called Chakras. Chakras arise because several energetic currents (nadis) intersect in the body. There are many chakras in the body but the yoga philosophy and holistic approach focusses on seven main chakras, which are attached to our spine.


Each Chakra Has It’s Own Type Of Energy:


The First Chakra (Muladhara) is situated at the base of our spine anchoring the body to the solid energy of the earth. This grounding & nurturing energy has now the ability to come up. We can hold it and create a foundation.


The Second Chakra (Svadisthana or Sacral) is situated at the pubic area, just below our navel. When the first chakra is grounded, the energy passes this chakra and the energy now has the ability to move & flow.


The Third Chakra (Manipura) is situated at our solar plexus area (above the navel). Here the energy comes to action. Willpower will give you the courage and strength to do.



The Fourth Chakra is the heart chakra (Anahata). Here, the energy connects with love. As you activate the energy in this particular spot you’ll become more in tune with your feelings. You’ll develop kindness, compassion & forgiveness. Overall it’ll bring you patience.


The Fifth Chakra (Vishudda) is situated at the throat. This is the place of expression & communication. We tent to hide our truth, but as the element of this energy spot is sound, you’ll activate the energy to speak your truth in an authentic & loving way.


I Am

I Feel

I Do

I Love

I Speak

I See

I Know


The Sixth Chakra is the third eye chakra (Ajna) between the brows. This is the place where we can visualise without limits. As you activate this energy you’ll truly see a world filled with potential. For every question is an answer. For every issue a solution. This truly is a powerful energy that has immense benefits for the mindset.


The Seventh Chakra is the crown Chakra (Sahasrara). This spot is connected with that universal source that dwells in everyone and everything. As you activate this energy you’ll notice that the way to healing is unity. With this energy you can undo a lot of factors in our daily society that pushes on separation. Activating this Chakra will bring you inner peace and allows you to recognise yourself in others. (great power)


Everything is Energy. As a certified yoga teacher I work with Chakras. In fact:


The content of my lessons

are all based on

activating and regulating

the energy of the chakras,

with the aim of

giving the student

a fair vision of her

strength and abilities.


So check this video. It’s a yoga class of mine in my early days as a yoga teacher, but I still use multiple exercises in my classes today.


Do this yoga class with me and let me know in a comment your experience. Love to connect.


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