When you don’t know what to do, well … get still!


This is what Oprah Winfrey said on Day 2 of her 21 day Meditation ‘Hope In Uncertain Times’ that she offers together with Deepak Chopra, and it’s damn good advice.


First of all because in uncertain times things can get blurry. Fear is at the surface terrorising you with doubt and making you question everything. This is the moment to get still.


Second of all; When you sit still & listen to what a higher power is teaching you, you’ll hear the message of comfort, that will give you hope. You will connect and align with that inner voice, that grounds you and centers you.


Especially in uncertain times,

turning doubt & uncertainty to hope,

is an ability that will bring you

confidence & strength.


And when I start a meditation I normally – for all the ‘down-to-earth’ souls – ease you in, but today we’re going straight to heart & higher power. This chakra visualisation meditation for confidence & strength is necessary so be unapologetic when it comes to your mind. 


Any sceptical thoughts

or criticism of the mind,

allow that to be.

I challenge you to go beyond

the opinions of the mind

so you can finally open up

and see what’s out there.


Today I’m going to take you on a chakra journey. Your body has energy wheels and in Yogaland we call them Chakras. These chakras are the portals between the physical world and the energy world. And when these chakras are open, the energy flows and you’ll feel confident and strong. More about chakras click here to another blog post of mine. 


Who could have guessed that 2020 would give us the Corona Virus that turned into a crisis of a global scale. Everyone is entitled to their own reality and therefore how they respond to it.


I have to remind myself everyday

that I only have influence

over my own behaviour,

therefore I choose to be the example.

I do my best to choose love over fear.

I did that before the corona crisis,

and I do that now

even with more passion.


It’s crucial to stay mentally strong. You do that with confidence & strength. This chakra visualisation meditation for confidence & strength will increase you sense of self-belief. So let’s meditate and awaken those empowering powers that resonate from within YOU.



I also bundled last weeks meditations into a professional audio album called; Meditations for Uncertain Times. If you’re interested click here. 


When you want to connect with me, please email me at hello@jjvanzon.com and if you have other people that you think can benefit from this daily meditations please forward this video or connect them with me in any other way.


Remember that during this corona crisis I’ll be showing up for a daily live stream at 8am CET on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 


I wish you an amazing day, Be safe & (re)act with love


I’m JJ, Namasté


Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!


PPs. If you’d like to meditate more with me, I have 10 free meditations for you to download immediately. Sign up here. 

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