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March 2018

Wealthy Coach Retreat Cape Town

Sometimes what you need is a moment of calm and peace. You just want some time to refill your cup with brand new energy. In this meditation workshop, you’ll have two hours of ME-time to refresh your body and your mind. Expect to go…


24 March 2018

Return To Love One Day Yoga Retreat

As this was the first Retreat at my new home in Noordhoek, I was full of anticipation, excitement and of course anxiety…what if they don’t like what I have prepared for them, what if they feel it was not a worthy return on investment, what if it rains…hahaha wasn’t that little drizzle on our faces during our meditation just too enchanting and magical, like we were being blessed from the heavens for re-connecting with ourselves. It was a very special moment for me.


May 2016

#2 Eat Pray Learn Retreat

The Eat Pray Learn Retreat originated from the movie Eat Pray Love written by fabulousness Elizabeth Gilbert. At our second retreat in May 2016 we went back to Campiglioni in Montevarchi and welcomed a group of unique men and women from all over the world.

 Montevarchi, Italy

October 2015

#1 Eat Pray Learn Retreat

In June 2015 my husband Carl and I originated the idea to organise retreats together. Combining our passion for coaching coach and travel seemed something logical to pursue. We hired an American Coach Jennifer Jimenez and for the next three months we worked very hard. We decided to work with people who wanted to start the same journey we’ve walked on, leaving the corporate to start a successful coaching or healing business. We ended up with 6 wonderful ladies and the whole retreat experience was the start of something extraordinary.

 Montevarchi, Italy

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