“Be authentic. Be yourself. Be genuine. Be real. Be who you really are.”


When I first tried to figure out what authenticity meant, these quotes made me want to throw up. Hollow sayings aren’t helpful at all when you’re just starting your path of self-realisation. I was still oblivious to ego’s existence.

The realisation of ego’s power was my first step towards making an authentic choice. Through the gift of meditation I got more aware of what was happening inside my mind. I connected my thoughts with the sensations in my body that led me to connect with the constant stimulants that came from the outside world.

In theory this sounds logical and easy to me, but when emotions rise logic and ease will be pushed into their seats behind the soundproof glass. “Give them a bucket of popcorn, because you’re on your own dealing with distractions all around you.”


when emotions rise

logic and ease

will be pushed

into their seats


Or is that what ego wants you to believe?

In the back of my mind there was always this voice, a gut feeling that knew what was right for me. It just gets clouded with lots of traffic from other voices. “Should I do this, they want me to do that. Don’t be like that, people won’t like me.” This chatterbox was so present that it overruled the beautiful calm voice in the back.

Advice: You want to get to know the voice that’s waiting for your invitation to connect. All the other voices are related to your ego and they react out of fear. I’m not saying they’re bad. All I’m saying is that you need to get to know them to reach your authentic Self.


“Authenticity is the daily practice

of letting go of who we think

we’re supposed to be

and embracing who we are.”

– Brené Brown


Awareness to your minds ‘voices’ or thoughts will bring you closer to a truthful you. Since you were born you were influenced by everything around you and all you need to do is start wondering if these influences still apply to your present existence.

So how do I create awareness?”

Tool 1: Meditate

Meditation is a key tool in creating awareness of what is going on in the mind. Meditation doesn’t cost anything. Anyone can do it. You just sit down comfortably and go inwards. Something that we’re not used to do. We mostly live from the outside in. “Opinions from others matter.” So meditation can bring up a lot of resistance. That resistance is what you want to document.


Meditation is a key tool

in creating awareness of

what is going on in the mind


Observe without judgement

Starting this journey opens the path of self-realisation. Like a puzzle you want to get to know each little piece that is part of the whole. Now our ego’s mind wants to judge all the pieces. It wants to categorize them and more. My advice to you is to observe the thoughts, sensations and emotions your dealing with. Observe your behaviour. Observe your reactions. Observe what kind of people, situations and places make you feel emotionally charged. Only observe! You don’t have to take action or try to come up with a solution. Observe your behaviour and find out what happens in your mind.


Have a little moment when you start your day and set out an intention that you’ll be observing your behaviour and all that you observe is okay. During the day make notes of your findings either mentally or on a piece of paper. In the evening I would advice you to write in a journal. This way you’ll monitor the progress.


As an extra bonus tool I want you to realise that when stressed or overwhelmed stopping and taking a couple of deep breaths, benefits your stress level enormously. Use this before meditation or when you are emotionally charged.


You’ll notice that

when you practise this daily,

you’ll get more comfortable

in your own skin.


For meditation inspiration check out my meditation blog posts click here and for any questions you can leave a comment or mail me at hello@jjvanzon.com

Happy journey

Love, Peace & Namasté JJ

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