Get Energised With Meditation & Get Miraculous Results


When you’re in a state of laziness, low self-worth or experiencing depressive thoughts, it’s hard to commit and take action. It’s hard to get out of that negative state.

I’ve seen so many people nodding their head when I do a presentation about changing behaviour.

“I know all that,” they say, but you can probably relate when I say:

“When it comes down to taking action we mostly lack the commitment.”

What I know for sure is, when you meditate you can overcome this lack of commitment.


Meditation works for me

as the reminder that I need

to commit & stay connected

to my authentic behaviour.


I’m the one in control. I can’t rely on anything else or I would become a victim. When I’m a victim fear would control me. I would miss out on living an authentic life and my spirit wouldn’t be happy about that.

Meditation has shown me a way to create space between me and my thoughts.

“I am not my thoughts or emotion.”

So when I feel lazy or I believe I’m not worthy, that’s not me! Those thoughts and feelings don’t defy me.

“I have the ability to change!”

Meditation provides me the space to step back and observe my thoughts and emotions.

Through meditation I can locate when I’m off track. I’m aware of when unrealistic thoughts are messing with my balance and my authentic responses.


Having good energy is the key

to the connection with your core,

the purest expression of your authentic Self.

Good energy will get you out of that state

of laziness, low self-worth or depressive thinking.

Good energy is the key to your commitment.


And you have powers you can tap into. Powers that will give you good energy. Powers that are free. It costs you nothing. All you need to do is meditate.

When I feel lazy, blue or depressed and I need more energy I turn to my yoga mat.

First I create awareness of my body by affirming my beautiful feet that carry me everywhere.

I acknowledge the beautiful gift that allows me to have this human experience.


Then I visualise myself standing on the planet.

I connect with Mother Earth.

I imagine her as a nurturing female energy,

that only has love and compassion for me.

She’s got so much energy and

she wants to share it with me.


The moment when I’m out of my head and I feel aligned with my body is when I sit down on my meditation cushion and I close my eyes.

The base of my spine is connected to my cushion (or whatever you want to sit on) and I allow the energy of the planet to flow through me.

I make sure my spine is erect so loving & nurturing energy can flow upwards, touching every chakra, energising every molecule in my being.

When I get out of this meditation I feel connected to the earth’s core. Gravity has a whole different feeling.


I feel worthy and deserving.

I feel confident and courageous.

I recognise the face of fear

when it’s trying to mess with my head.

I can commit to another day of living from love.

I feel energised.


I encourage you to meditate and allow Mother Nature’s energy to flow through you. I made it easy for you. I created a guided meditation that you can do right now. Click on the video below and get energised with meditation.


Remember that the energy of Mother Earth is accessible to EVERYONE.

Love, Peace & Namasté


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PPs. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text and get energised with meditation in your awesome daily life. Thank you!

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