The heart chakra occupies a key position. The state of our consciousness and the degree to which we demonstrate vitality and joie de vivre are in principle related to the degree of our tolerance and our capacity for love. – Gaby Rossbach


Tolerance is one of the most important conditions required for clarity and harmony. Tolerance makes it possible to distance oneself from abuses or problematic behaviours over which one has no influence.


The metaphysical text

‘A Course In Miracles’

says that there’s only

one problem in the world

and that is that we are

separated from God.


Please don’t allow the word God to cloak you from the message, if you need to then replace the word God with love, the Universe or whatever you want. A word should never have that much power over you…


The ego, that is the cause of your struggle, conflict & suffering doesn’t want YOU to create tolerance. And as you might have noticed it succeeds with many of us. The world preys on division and separation. Politicians use minorities to expand intolerance so that they stay in or grab power. And many of us fall for it. We are manipulated by our discontent and follow it, believing that it will lead us to happiness and peace. This is a vicious cycle that will NEVER and I repeat NEVER will lead us to peace.


Separation is a tool of fear,

in order to create peace

and feel happy

YOU need to unite.


Yoga means union and as a yoga teacher I use it as a constant reminder in my classes, but also every core message of every big religion is based on union.


In order to gain union

we need to become

more tolerant.


So I invite you to meditate with me with this Heart Meditation for Tolerance Peace & Harmony. 



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I wish you an amazing day, Be safe & (re)act with love


I’m JJ, Namasté


Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text. Thank you!


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