4 Spiritual Tools That Will Make A Hard Time Bearable


I’m going through a hard time at the moment. I feel stupid and useless. I have so much on my mind right now that I’m overwhelmed. I’m writing a book, I create scripts for meditations, yoga classes and online courses. I’m torn between what I want to say and what you want to hear. So many opinions I am lost. I feel nobody wants to listen to me. I doubt everything I do. I need to turn to my spiritual tools for guidance.


Who am I to teach others how to create inner peace? I can’t even create it for myself.

Who am I to show people the way to love? I can’t even deflect my own fear.

I feel like a fraud!


It’s such an uncomfortable feeling and the ironic thing is that I know it’s not true. It’s an illusion from Ego/Fear trying to break me.

At this stage I deeply connect with my clients.

I connect with the mother who can’t let go of control and believes she needs to do everything perfect. I relate with the entrepreneur who believes multitasking is something to be proud of, and I align with the starting yogi who feels stuck and is desperately in search for inner peace.

Yes, I’m having a hard time. So what do I do?


1. Accept the truth (without judgment)

I need to accept that I’m experiencing this right now. I don’t need to analyse it. I need to acknowledge it. And when you’re in a state of acceptance you can open up to be compassionate and treat yourself with kindness. So I look to my reflection in the mirror and I repeat:

MIRROR WORK – “I love you. It’s okay I’m having a hard time. I accept the situation. During this time I’ll treat myself with compassion and kindness.”


2. Become present and relax

When I meditate I’ll practice to be present. Using the breath as a focus point will connect me with my body. This is an opportunity to let go of tension and toxins I’m experiencing right now.

MEDITATION – “Sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and follow your breathing. Feel as you inhale how nurturing energy flows into your body, reaching every cell within, opening up the cells so that they can release tension and toxins your holding on to, and then feel the tension and toxins be escorted out of your body as you exhale. Focus on your breath as it goes in and out. Feel how you relax with each breath you take. Follow your breath, in and out. In and out!”


3. Trust love (this is part of a process)

I need to tell myself that I’m not my thoughts or feelings. There’s a reason why I’m going through this hard time. By focusing on my heart and connecting with love I establish trust in the higher power.

Maybe I need this time to process something?

A way to get spiritual guidance (answers) and connect with love (intuition) is to draw a card from a spiritual card deck.

I just did that and the answer was calming me:

CARD READING – I drew The Temple Path” card from the ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ of Sandra Anne Taylor.

This card represents my own spiritual evolution. “The winding course (the hard time) I feel leads to a blessed temple in a lovely garden, symbolizing the spiritual destiny my soul has had in mind for its lifetime. This card is telling you that what you’re going through now is part of your soul’s process. You’re on your karmic path and heading in the right direction, and the choices you make now are important for your personal growth and life lessons. The lights around the temple represent the spirit world – your family members and friends, angels and guides – all the loving spirit helpers who long to assist you. Call upon them and be open to their wisdom and inspiration. This is a wonderful, life-expanding time, so keep in mind your personal priorities as well as your spiritual connection. Following your higher intentions will help you move your life forward in dramatic ways, and connecting with spirit – and your higher self – will have a wonderful influence on all that you experience.”
Oh, how I love the guidance of spiritual cards! This card provides trust. I am good! I feel the doubt. I am insecure, but I don’t have to change my course. I need this experience to grow. I’m moving forward in the right direction. I got my trust in the universe back and I keep moving forward.


4. Surrender and let go of resistance

By wanting to resolve this problem I will only put more wood on the fire. As a pleaser and problem solver by nature this is always my pitfall, so I embrace my pleaser and problem solver, tell them it’s going to be all right, and then I pray.

PRAYER – “Dear Love, I’m going through a hard time. I surrender to you my thoughts and feelings that are making me feel uncomfortable. I let go of wanting to solve this or needing answers right now. I trust in your guidance. I believe I’m moving in the right direction. I’m confident, compassionate and kind. And so it is!”

By Practicing these 4 Spiritual Tools I feel better already…


I must say that writing this article has certainly put me in a better mood. All I needed was to remember some easy tools to apply. Prayer, meditation, and a spiritual card reading were my choices and they worked.

Understand that everyone will go through periods of overwhelm. Clarity isn’t always at the horizon. We need to deal with the clouds, the wind, the rain and the storms. All we can do then is to make it bearable.


Connecting with my intuition and asking love what to do through my spiritual tools is for me how I can make a hard time bearable.


And I feel better already.

If you have a story to share or questions, don’t hesitate and leave a comment below. I love to connect.

Supporting your personal transformation,

Namasté JJ

Ps. As English is not my first language there can be grammar mistakes. Hopefully you can read around this and focus on the essence of the text and implement these 4 spiritual tools in your awesome daily life. Thank you!

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