Online Program: Yoga For Stress Relief


The online Program: Yoga for Stress Relief is an awesome introduction on how simple relieving stress will be doing yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation. It will give you peace of mind! No fancy stuff needed only a couple of minutes of your daily time.

The power lies within you and with a constant daily moment of Me-time you will tap into that power.

You be able to get out of your head and you’ll leave worry behind, because you are working with your body. Overwhelm won’t distract you anymore, because you’ll learn how to control your emotions. And you’ll learn to step away from your impulses, because you won’t identify with your thoughts anymore.

Yoga will create awareness. It will make you cut the cords with the past. You’ll accept who you’ve become, and you’ll enjoy living in the moment. That on its own is a huge stress relief!

This online program by JJ van Zon is easy to use. You’ll receive an e-book with the transcript and the links to 3 pages: 1 Yoga Poses, 2 Breathing, 3 Meditation (& if you’re an early bird you’ll receive the bonus page with extra yoga classes and guided meditations.)

And when you purchase this online program that means I am your teacher. And as your teacher I will be answering any questions you might have regarding this program via email.

When you’re suffering from worry, stress and overwhelm, it means you need to solve that. You need to step up & do something about it. This program will give you the tools to implement that in a simple & easy way.


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