Yoga For Better Sleep – Training


I created an accessible training for you to do at home containing all easy to implement tools to get you to sleep like a baby.

  1. In this training you’ll find a 10 minute yoga class that you can do 60-30 minutes before stepping into your bed
  2. There’s a Yoga Nidra class. Yoga Nidra is an amazing tool that goes further & deeper than normal meditation. This audio is 40 minutes but don’t let the length blow you off.  The Yoga Nidra session will take out ‘old roots’ and plant new healthy ideas. Open your mind and use it multiple times to get the ultimate responds of it.
  3. You’ll also find a video where I’ll explain 3 breathing exercises that you can implement before bed-time or even when you’re in bed lying awake.
  4. I also reveal a brilliant “golden tip” that’s so simple, and what helped me to stop the thoughts.
  5. Plus you’re awarded with a bonus sleep meditation.

I’ve suffered from insomnia because I had a mind that was unable & unwilling to calm down. These tools will give your mind the knowledge how to let go & how to relax.

You immediately can download the introduction pdf that holds the password to access the Training page. You’ll also receive an email, check your spam if it hasn’t arrived in your inbox.

Let’s get you sleeping like a baby….

Hit the button & follow the steps.

Namasté JJ



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